Ben Gordon on his departure

Some quotes from the Daily Herald:

“To the fans, I generally had a great time being here,” Gordon said in a phone interview. “For my true fans, I feel bad for them. The longtime fans of the Chicago Bulls – I just felt like they’re being cheated.
“Not with me, but just things that happened in the past. I feel like the fans deserve a lot better.”
“I’m finally happy to be a part of an organization that feels the same way I do about basketball,” Gordon said. “We just talked about what this organization is about and what kind of culture he (Dumars) is building in Detroit and what his goals are, as far as trying to compete for a championship every single year.
“Being a good team is not enough. Their goal is to win a championship. To me, that’s everything I wanted to hear from a GM. It was easy to sell me on that. I won in high school; I won in college. My basketball legacy won’t be complete unless I win an NBA ring.”
“The Bulls never made an offer,” Gordon said. “We were all ears, my agent (Raymond Brothers) and myself.
“Even after I signed the one-year deal and the things that happened the last two summers, not once did we turn out backs on the Bulls. I said that I’d still be willing to listen to the Bulls and work something out.
“They didn’t even make an offer to me. That was kind of surprising, but I guess it’s part of the way they do business. I’m moving on, and I’m happy with my decision.”
“To all the true Chicago Bulls fans, it’s been great,” he added. “I loved playing here; it’s one of the greatest sports cities in the world. It was a great time. But it’s time for me to move on.”

Cleary there is a great deal of bitterness with Gordon on his way out the door.   We don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but I have to get a good chuckle whenever an athlete pulls out the “this franchise wants to win and that’s what I’m about” schtick vs his old franchise whom also wants to win but doesn’t want to pay him as much.

It came down to money, pure and simple, the Bulls made no offer, because they knew they wouldn’t touch the Pistons’ offer.   The whole winning mentality thing is just laughable.   The Pistons are no where near winning and have a lesser chance than the Bulls of going in that direction with no clear stars to build around and no future flexibility or high draft picks coming.


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  • love the commentary. I wholeheartedly agree. I'm happy the Bulls didn't commit themselves 2 another bad contract.

  • If he had taken the offer 2 years ago, he would be making 10 mill a year and have put 10 more mill in his pocket, to get to this point. He is quite full of himself, the Pistons are farther away from a title than we are. Unfortunality because they spend to much money on Ben and Charles.

  • Stinger, that winning comment was a jab at Reinsdorf, if you missed it. He feels the Pistons are doing everything in their power to contend every year, while he feels the Bulls, specifically Reinsdorf, are playing favorites with contracts instead of strictly rewarding play, and thus taking the scenic route to building a contender.

    He has plenty of reason to talk a lot more crap about JR than this, I think he's being pretty professional all things considered.

    Seriously, Reinsdorf just needs to back the hell off of operations, set limits for Paxson based on wins and playoff depth, and let him do his thing.

  • I agree that a Sign&Trade is the best option to bring in one of the best players to ever play this game in Allen Iverson and Antonio Mcdyess which could also be used as part of trade to rapters for Chris Bosh so the vision for the bulls is having a proven gaurd in the ANSWER and a proven power forward in C.Bosh to compliment Noah,Deng,and Rose in the starting the deals would be 1.sign and trade B.Gordon along with Tim.Thomas perhaps even throw in J.James they both are making over six million so being free of these two contracts our a big help and savings for A.Iverson who would take the twelve million Tim.Thomas and James command and A.Mcdeyss who can stay with the bulls for around one million or be traded to rapters for C.Bosh.And lets not forget about D-wade possibly joining the team next season.possible starting line-up for 2010-2011 season:






    a page from G.Stienbrenner book winning is everything no matter what the cost keep winning,keep fans,make more $$$$

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