Aaron Gray: "There's other interest out there"

From Sam Smith’s blog:

“I’m going to do what’s best for me and the organization,” Gray
said. “There’s other interest out there. I love the city of Chicago.
I’m just going to play basketball and worry about getting better and
whatever happens happens. Right now my responsibility is working on my
basketball and my agent is handling that stuff. I feel I can help the
team. It’s a good young team and I feel we’re going to be better next
year. Hopefully, I’ll make a decision soon. My agent told me, ‘I’m
going to put you in a good situation. Just worry about basketball.
You’re going to be in the NBA next year and a good position.’ That’s
all I need to know. I love Chicago. If there’s a better opportunity who
knows at this point.”

I won’t be upset if Aaron Gray is back taking up a roster spot for a season.  He can provide some utility as the big beefy guy who can absorb some fouls and hold a big physical guy in check for a few possessions, especially with the rest of the frontcourt outside of Brad Miller being a bunch of stick figures.

Still, no one’s going to shed a tear if Aaron Gray leaves either.  He’s not a rotation player, he’s a niche player who simply fills the void of really big tall guy who can bang people around every once in awhile.   That role is becoming increasingly less valuable if there isn’t some good scoring or defense to go with it, and Aaron’s not really bringing either.

Without knowing the exact money the Bulls saved in Thomas’s buyout, it’s hard to ascertain the exact cap ramifications of bringing Gray back, but I’d lean towards trying to save a million or so under the tax to have some flexibility around the deadline.


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  • Hey! I know 2 guys in Duluth who will shed a tear! (sniff, sniff)

  • I'd like to see Gray stay, but obviously, it's not the end of the world if doesn't work out. Doug, do you think there is any chance that Augustine actually gets the spot?

  • We'll miss the intimidation he strikes into the hearts of the opponent :(

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