Gar Forman on Waddle and Silvy

Gar Foreman appeared on the Waddle and Silvy show to address the draft last night.  He went into a wide array of topics related to trades, talent and value.
Forman says the Bulls identified Johnson as a top 5-7 talent in the draft.   I have no problem believing that.   I had Johnson ranked in my 6-9 tier of talent in this draft at ninth, but I could have easily slide him ahead of anyone in that tier depending on my mood, especially Thabeet / DeRozan.

According to Gar, we almost moved up to take Johnson with our two picks.   I find that believable, but many sources said we would have taken Henderson if we had moved up.   I have no problem believing both guys were high on our board as Johnson was also in the move up rumors.

Forman says the Bulls didn’t pass on Blair only because of the knee injury.   I noted in a previous blog post that this was likely the case.   If the knees were a deal breaker then they wouldn’t have brought him back in for another workout.

Tyrus isn’t looked down upon because of who we drafted according to Gar.   That may or may not be true.  It’s the type of thing that I’m not sure if he’d admit if it was true. 

The Bulls like Taj Gibson’s length, and if it’s one thing Gibson has, it’s length.   He has a huge wingspan (7’4) and a very solid standing reach (9’1).   He’s a decent, but not remarkable athlete.  

Gar also pointed out repeatedly how much flexibility the Bulls will have going forward. 

Finally, Gar says the Bulls plan to have Hinrich on the opening day roster.   Something which I find believable because it makes sense despite being told that he’s definitely being traded.

One thing I think Waddle and Silvy are missing (in terms of discussing how they’re sick of assets and want those assets turned into something) is that we don’t really have great assets anymore.   As players dropped off in value and lost years on their rookie contracts their future value dropped considerably.


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  • Hey Doug, have any thoughts on the Bulls signing any undrafted free agents.

    I kind of like Paul Harris out of Syracuse. He is only 6'3",but has a 7 foot wingspan, built like a linebacker and just kills people on D. Shot 50% from the field to boot.

    I like to see him come to camp especially if we let Gordon go, which I believe is fait accompli after this draft, since Salmons has nowhere else to play now besides the 2.

  • There's a list of top UDFA's at the bottom of this blog post.

    Highlights in my mind are Harris, McNeal, Rivers, and Aminu.

  • It looks like the Bulls may have interest in Paul Harris.

  • Honestly, I'm just glad to see the interest. I'm a Harris fan, and while I'm surprised he went undrafted, I'm glad to see we have another shot at him.

    Apparently AD Vassallo from VA Tech will be playing for our summer league team.

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