Reinsdorf discusses Gordon's contract talks

Jerry Reinsdorf appeared on the Waddle and Silvy show with Chuck Swirsky today (Swirsk was filling in for the guys) and had this to say about Ben Gordon.

“He was prepared to sign last year at the end, but
after he turned down our offer, we thought about it and thought about
it and decided it was in our best interest just to go one year with
Ben,” Reinsdorf said. “We informed him of that, at which time his agent
came back and said, ‘We’ll take your prior offer.’ We said it was too
late. It’s off the table.

“We’ll have decisions to make at
the draft. It depends on who we take, whether we trade our picks or we
trade other players. Where we’re going with Ben can’t be decided until
after July 1.”

This begs the question, to me anyway, was Gordon not signing a Reinsdorf decision or a Paxson/Forman decision. 

always felt that their decision to reject him amounted to ridiculous
emotionalism by the Bulls.  If you liked Gordon at that price all
summer, how did you decide not to like him 12 hours after he rejects
the offer formally and changes his mind?  

— update —
After listening to the show, Reinsdorf adds a bit more than what is quoted in the ESPN Chicago article. 

directly asked if there would be a contract offer for Gordon this
summer, Reinsdorf discussed how he didn’t know where the team was
sitting and that discussion ended with the second half of the quoted
portion above.

If you’re interested in skipping the White Sox portion of the cast, start from 7 minutes in.


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