Prospect of the Day - Wayne Ellington

FinalWayne Ellington,
Junior, North Carolina,
NBA Position: SG,
H: 6’5, W: 190, Age: 21 

Let’s start with what Ellington can do well, which is shoot.    Ellington’s a great shooter when open.  He’s good off a catch and shoot, and he projects into an NBA caliber shooter.    He also shoots well off screens and when pulling up off the jumper.   

All in all, he’s a solid shooter regardless of how he has to get
his shot, and his shooting should translate to the NBA well.   He’ll
need to improve his range out to NBA range, and he wasn’t an elite
shooter in college, so he has work to do in this area, but it’s clearly
his strength and something he should be able to do in the NBA.

that’s where the good news ends for Ellington though.   Everything else
is a work in progress.    Ellington has average ball handling, but he’s
not going to take guys off the dribble or create in isolation with his

He also lacks in the physicals department.   He does
have good height for a SG, but he lacks muscle and athleticism.   As
such, he’s not a dynamic finisher, slasher or transition player.   
Ellington’s lack of strength may be the reason he plays so soft
defensively as well.
Ellington is easily overpowered and gives
inconsistent effort defensively.   He’s likely to be a guy you have to
hide on the next level defensively as he gives up plenty of blowbys
even at the college level.  

Presently, Ellington looks like an
Eddie House type.   A guy who might be able to come in and work real
hard off screens to try and get open 3s but won’t give you anything
else.    At #26 in the draft, you could do a lot worse than a guy who’s
at least a legit shooter, but even his shooting isn’t a lock to
translate as much better shooters have struggled in the transition.

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