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More fiscal cliff-hangers

The fiscal cliff is as much ballyhooed and feared as Y2K, pandemics and December 21 (the end of the world). For the record, I’m not a believer. This fiscal cliff will come and go as will many more, as long as we have partisan, self-interested and ideological douche bags running the show. One of my misguided, right wing,... Read more »

Ben Stein: Clinging to the Fiscal Cliff

Ben Stein weighed in on the looming fiscal cliff yesterday during one of his op-ed pieces on CBS’s Sunday Morning. While I may somewhat agree with Mr. Stein on his main thesis, I can’t help feeling a little skepticism about his actual motive. Most often Mr. Stein’s diatribes extol the virtues of fiscal conservatism and... Read more »

The Miracle of Christmas

This being my first blip of December, I’d like to start out by telling you about the REAL miracle of Christmas. I find it quite impossible to believe that Santa Claus is out there slipping up and down sooty, grimy chimneys, delivering back-breaking loads of toys to boys and girls all over the world when... Read more »