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Boundaries? We don't need no stinking boundaries

Boundaries?  We don't need no stinking boundaries
It’s been almost three weeks since I read the subject column of this piece and I’m still struggling to respond. Cal Thomas and his ilk skate by regurgitating worn out tropes and talking points, making any attempted counterpoint the equivalent of trying to get your dog to stop licking himself. We get it. Democrats are... Read more »

Cookies: A microcosm of the GOP shell game

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines shell game as: FRAUD, especially a swindle involving the substitution of something of little or no value for a valuable item. Unquestionably, Donald Trump is a fraud and his word is of little or no value. Republicans’ words have had very little value for a very long time, but in the... Read more »

Two reasons why the word "Democratic" is taboo to Trump and the GOP

Two reasons why the word "Democratic" is taboo to Trump and the GOP
Lots of words can be used both as nouns and as adjectives.  College is a noun that becomes an adjective when used to describe a person, as in college student. The word police is a noun that becomes an adjective when referring to a police station or a police car. The word Republican is both a noun and... Read more »

Democrats kicked their own asses last Tuesday and they'll do it again in 2016

Everyone from Ted Cruz to Rush Limbaugh is taking credit for opening a can of whoop-ass on the Democrats last Tuesday night.  Democrats, however need no help these days defeating themselves. They’re like the Jim Carrey of politics.  Watch Carrey kick his own as in Liar Liar  and Me, Myself & Irene  In 2008, President... Read more »