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Did Robert Mueller sell out his country or were we just victims of his hubris?

Did Robert Mueller sell out his country or were we just victims of his hubris?
Robert Mueller’s perpetual refrain following the release of his highly anticipated report was that the report speaks for itself. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard a stack of paper utter a single word. Even if Mueller’s report was somehow imbued with magical powers and could actually speak, no one would have heard... Read more »

360,000 fishermen die every year

360,000 fishermen die every year
If your response to the above headline was No way or Bullshit or Dude, what are you smoking? give yourself a gold star. If it sounds reasonable to you, then you should probably get back to your recorded collection of Jeanine Pirro’s most hysterical rants. Many of us have seen an episode or two of... Read more »

Antifa: Why aren't you a member, Ron Johnson?

Antifa:  Why aren't you a member, Ron Johnson?
In the American President, a 1971 film to which I often refer, President Andrew Shepard defends himself from his political opponent, Senator Bob Rumson, who has castigated him for being a member of the ACLU. Shepard explains in a press briefing that the American Civil Liberties Union “…is an organization whose sole purpose is to... Read more »

Boundaries? We don't need no stinking boundaries

Boundaries?  We don't need no stinking boundaries
It’s been almost three weeks since I read the subject column of this piece and I’m still struggling to respond. Cal Thomas and his ilk skate by regurgitating worn out tropes and talking points, making any attempted counterpoint the equivalent of trying to get your dog to stop licking himself. We get it. Democrats are... Read more »

Don't kid yourself, all lives don't matter

Originally posted July 15, 2016 The American Civil Liberties Union is in business to defend the constitutional rights of all individuals.  There are other organizations to protect and defend the rights and lives of their members, as well as the general public. The Anti-Defamation League, whose slogan is Imagine a World Without Hate, focuses on... Read more »

Cookies: A microcosm of the GOP shell game

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines shell game as: FRAUD, especially a swindle involving the substitution of something of little or no value for a valuable item. Unquestionably, Donald Trump is a fraud and his word is of little or no value. Republicans’ words have had very little value for a very long time, but in the... Read more »

Derek Chauvin may be a murderer, but he shouldn't be the face of American law enforcement

Jury selection in the trial of former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin is supposed to start tomorrow and Minneapolis is battening down for what may be stormy seas. That process, which could take 3-4 weeks, may be delayed until the issue of a third-degree murder charge is resolved. Opening arguments are set for March 29.... Read more »

The Nazis are coming!: GOP embraces the Fourth Reich

The first part of the above title is a paraphrase of something that never happened. Paul Revere never said, The British are coming, but that’s a story for another day. The Nazis however, are not just coming, they have arrived. Thanks to Donald Trump and the Right’s obsequious and frantic attempts to pander to his... Read more »

Free, White and 21: Livin' large in the USA

Free, White and 21:  Livin' large in the USA
It was the late 70’s and YMCA was a staple at bar mitzvahs and weddings.  Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight was in heavy rotation on Chicago’s The Loop radio station and Hip Hop was on the rise. About that time my fledgling career crossed paths with that of a man I will call John, whose career... Read more »

The now dead Rush Limbaugh

The now dead Rush Limbaugh
In Friday’s post, Tucker Carlson should stick to racism, it’s what he knows best, I referred to Rush Limbaugh as the now dead, Rush Limbaugh.  It’s like the old joke that circulates after every stock market crash (something that hasn’t happened since Barack Obama became president). In the wake of a crash, Kenny Mesirow, who... Read more »