July 4th: Welcome to 'Merica

July 4th:  Welcome to 'Merica

The featured image (above) is my proposal for our new flag because it’s time to ditch that old one. How many people even know how many stars or stripes it has or what any of it even means?

I may be one of the few people alive who still remember when they added stars number 49 and 50 (Alaska and Hawaii, respectively).

Anyway, all that is a bunch of crap and today is the perfect day to declare independence from our independence. The American experiment has failed and we’re going back to one man rule.

In case you haven’t noticed, the America you thought you knew is dead. It’s only a matter of accepting it and making funeral arrangements.

The new flag has all you need to know about the new ‘Merica.

First, and in no particular order is the mangling of the word America. Shortening it and drawling it out of the side of your mouth is the apparent essence of patriotism.

For those of you who always felt that southern accents betrayed a certain lack of intelligence, the new flag brings a new dawn.

We have to acknowledge that their lack of information and resistance to science, history and education is just as good as our factual knowledge.

Next time you see a guy in red hat with the mark of the Devil on it, driving a giant, gas-guzzling truck with a God, Guns & Trump flag waving in the back, show some respect.

What any of those three things have to do with America is beyond me, but, like any secret society, I’m just not privvy to that information.

Inexplicably, the pillars of our society are now a God in which all of us may not believe, guns, which have become a scourge in American cities and a man who wantonly pursues his own interests ahead of the health of the nation he once swore to defend.

And that’s only when he’s not pursuing the interests of the leader of a foreign, hostile nation.

The cross speaks for itself, or rather allows a road scholar like Lauren Boebert to speak for it. Boebert, who got pregnant in high school but was still able to achieve GED status by the tender age of 34 says that the church should control government.

She didn’t specify which church, but it may be the church of televangelist and billionaire charlatan, Kenneth Copeland, whose God told him he needed a $50 Million airplane. You never know with these people, their interpretation of God’s word is often very fluid.

Which brings us to the third symbol on the flag, the gun. That one may not actually speak for itself, but it doesn’t really need to with the NRA and GOP in its corner.

Ladies, if your vaginas were machine guns, they’d get all the protection that money could buy, and that includes unwavering support from our Supreme Court.

As you watch fireworks weekend, think of the giant strides we’ve made in our race to take America back…to the Nineteenth Century.

In just the last few weeks, our newly constructed Supreme Court, including three judges appointed by a man who tried to overthrow our government, two of whom he nominated illegitimately, managed to turn our country upside down.

They took the power to control firearms away from (Blue) states, but gave (Red) states the power to ban abortion. They green lighted prayer in public school and environmental destruction and provided public funding for private, religious schools.

One has to wonder about the honorariums and offshore accounts of six Right wing judges who ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency is not allowed to protect the environment.

One might also start wondering about the other rights and freedoms that might disappear under a minority regime of hypocrites who hide behind the false flag of liberty and freedom.

When they were warning us about the rise of sharia law in America, they just meant that it was the wrong religious rule that concerned them. Now that they’ve got control of SCOTUS, everything’s back on track.

I wish you one and all a safe, happy and healthy Fourth of July. We don’t have to worry about SCOTUS until next term, when they will decide that state legislatures can throw out the results of federal elections and decide for themselves whom their state wants to be president.

Welcome to the new ‘Merica.

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