Arizona John thinks I have become unlikeable

Arizona John thinks I have become unlikeable

The following was first published last year, but, with the Jan 6 hearings coming up on prime time, a revisit seems in order:

From John: You still blame everything bad on trump just like he blamed everything bad on Obama

It’s idiotic to think we need another investigation of the capital (sic) . …. Just another waste of time and money those idiots were just that idiots there is no conspiracy and all of those who think having the capital fenced off are Aldo (sic) idiots ….. the fences and troops if used need to be at the borders

It’s all working great and anything including all the mass shootings that has happened since January …… except the creation of the vaccines…. Is now Joe’s problem

We don’t need trumps tax returns I want to see how so many Public servants became multi millionaires while in office

You just seem to hate anyone and everyone who disagrees with you
So sorry you have become so sour

I still love you but just worry that your hatred is destroying the very kind likeable man I have known.

Let’s get one thing straight: I was never all that likeable. In fact, I look back at every moment spent trying to be likeable as a complete waste of time and effort.

I am not however, consumed with hatred. I am consumed with disappointment with the people who have traded their critical thinking for recycled Fox babble.

I am consumed with fear for the future of an America where millions of voters live in an alternate universe and believe everything that comes out of a horse’s ass.

I don’t blame everything bad on Trump, but there is a LOT for which he is responsible because he is a VERY bad man.

For whatever I blame Trump, it is in no way, shape or form analogous to a president blaming everything bad on his predecessor and all of his political opponents, people he sees as enemies.

Donnie’s modus operandi throughout his life has been to scapegoat anyone and everyone at whom he could point a finger and take credit for things beyond his control.

Donnie takes credit for making Juneteenth famous, simply because he deliberately scheduled a rally – a rally comprised of White supremacists and other assorted racists – on June 19, 2020. A rally he rescheduled to the following day because of the backlash.

Anytime Donnie learns something that everyone else already knows, he takes credit for discovering it and/or making it famous.

John calls me idiotic because I think the January 6, 2021 attack on our nation’s Capitol deserves scrutiny. I think it’s idiotic that he doesn’t.

Did we need to have an impeachment over a blowjob? Did we need to have 9 or 10 investigations into an attack on an obscure outpost in a place most Americans couldn’t point to on a map; investigations that culminated in the appearance of the subject of those investigations respecting a summons from Congress and sitting for ELEVEN grueling hours of questioning?

Investigations that were greater in scope, depth and duration than Congress’s investigation into the coordinated attacks on 9/11 that killed 3,000 people, did billions of dollars of property damage, disrupted commerce and our economy and damaged the lives of thousands.

Very mysterious how Republicans decide what they want to investigate.

What if John’s wife was brutally gang raped? Would he dismiss that and say, Let’s move on, those idiots were just idiots?

As horrific as that hypothetical crime against John’s wife may be, its significance is miniscule compared to the scale of the attack on the Capitol, on elected officials, the Constitution, congressional procedure and the American people.

Those idiots at the Capitol were not just idiots. They were well organized, well funded and more disturbingly, well informed.

It was not some random event. It was planned, nurtured and set in place, like a bomb waiting to be detonated, with the President of the United States holding the detonator.

Guns were confiscated along with other makeshift weapons such as bats, pipes, spears and flag poles. Pipe bombs were found.

Uniformed men with helmets, communication devices and bullet proof vests moved through the crowd to breach the Capitol.


140 police officers were injured in that attack, some seriously, some permanently. One died and at least two committed suicide in the following weeks.

What’s idiotic is to think that it was just a bunch of random idiots coming together for a tour of the Capitol.

We should see Trump’s tax returns, just as we should see the tax returns of anyone running for president or anyone involved in an organized, criminal enterprise.

Donnie checks both boxes.

Every American deserves that, even if they don’t know it. Would it have been OK if Barack Obama refused to release his tax returns or ran a sham university, defrauding students out of millions of dollars?

John seems to miss the irony (hypocrisy) of him telling me that I hate anyone and everyone who disagrees with me while telling me that I am no longer likeable because of what I say.

It’s like Republicans ousting Lynn Cheney from her leadership position for simply telling the truth, for saying what she saw with her own eyes and knows to be true and then accusing Democrats of something they (Republicans) call cancel culture.

Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, spread lies about a stolen election and incited a riot, insurrection or whatever you want to call it to disrupt Congress from fulfilling its pro forma, constitutional responsibilities.

It is idiotic to think otherwise.

John makes a good point about public servants getting rich and it’s imperative to get private and dark money out of politics and our government, not that it will ever happen.

Might as well add term limits for senators and congressmen to that wish list.

John’s right, we should know how Jared and Ivanka made $600 MILLION while working at the White House.

As Glenn Kirschner said, Trump’s presidency was an unabated crime wave.

This isn’t about politics or policies because Donnie has neither. Nor does he have any serious religious commitment. He only uses those issues, which are malleable to stoke his base.

Do I blame things on Donnie? Absolutely.

Donnie did some of the worst things we’ve ever seen anyone do, both before and during his presidency. He is the most corrupt man ever to inhabit the White House.

Trump’s only agenda was to enrich himself, his family and his allies, to aggrandize himself and to do the bidding of Vladimir Putin, a sworn enemy of the United States of America.

Dismissing Donnie as an asshole is like saying that John Wayne Gacy had a fondness for young men.

If John had described Donnie as a lowlife, scumbag piece of crap, he would still have been too generous, but he would have been on the right track.

Anyone who took the time to read the Mueller Report – even just 50 pages of it – would understand that everyone in the Trump (2016) campaign was up to their eyeballs in Russian operatives and they all lied about it.

Trump was NOT, as lying liar Bill Barr said, exonerated by the report. Barr’s 3-1/2 page summary of a 400-page report that he hadn’t read is complete fiction.

Trump used taxpayer funded military aid as a weapon to get the president of Ukraine to say that they were investigating Joe Biden, which was also fiction.

Trump’s phone conversations and all the evidence proved it. Instead of convicting him, as they should have, Republicans chose to back Trump’s lies, just as they are backing them now.

It is idiotic not to see this for the threat to our democracy that it so blatantly is.

Donnie incited the attack on the Capitol. He stirred them up for weeks with his lies and fraudulent claims.

Watch and listen to his speech on January 6, riling up the crowd, telling them to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue, that he would lead them, something any reasonable person would have known that a coward like him would never do.

It happened, I saw it with my own eyes.

Donnie and 147 congressmen tried to overturn the election and he’s still excoriating Mike Pence for simply executing his duties as vice president, knowing that his words very nearly got Pence lynched.

It’s idiotic to think that Donnie did anything but lie about, cover up and minimize COVID-19 and look for scapegoats instead of solutions.

600,000 are dead and lot of them would still be alive if Donald J. Trump had acted like a president instead of a petty, narcissistic cult leader.

Encouraging Americans to wear masks would have limited the spread of the disease. What was the point of turning that into a political football?

Vaccinations save lives and the Trumps got them. Why pretend they didn’t? Even Sean Hannity, TucKKKer Carlson and Laura Ingraham got vaccinated.

Donnie didn’t create any vaccines, nor does he understand how they work. The first vaccine to the market and the most effective – Pfizer – was created in conjunction with a German research company – BioNTech – and they were not a part of the Warp Speed thing, nor did they take any taxpayer money to do it.

As for mass shootings, we’ve been experiencing them on an almost daily basis that predates even Trump. If you’re looking to hang blame for that, Moscow Mitch McConnell has as much blood on his hands as anyone outside the NRA.

I still love you too, John, but your comments are disappointingly regurgitated Fox “News.”

Fox’s own lawyers have said in sworn court filings that anyone who believes a word of what Sean Hannity or TucKKKer Carlson says is a fool.

Carlson’s lawyers beat a defamation suit by saying, in court briefs that, No reasonable person would believe him, a defense now proffered by one of Trump’s whacko attorneys, Sidney Powell.

No John, I don’t blame everything bad on Trump, but everything Trump did was bad.

Don’t you ever wonder though, why he has such strong support among hate groups, including those who would kill me, the guy you love, just because I’m Jewish?

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