Maybe America needs a few public executions instead of meaningless thoughts and prayers

Maybe America needs a few public executions instead of meaningless thoughts and prayers
Makenna Elrod will never see her 11th birthday. It's time for America to exact a price for that.

We’ve heard it too many times. I can’t even stand the mere thought of the words thoughts and prayers.

They’re worthless and meaningless and do not help dead children.

After the worst mass shooting in Texas history yesterday, Senator Ted Cancun Cruz immediately leaped in front of cameras to protect the most precious people in America; his donors.

Especially the National Rifle Association.

Cruz, as expected, accused Democrats of trying to politicize the issue of mass shootings, willfully ignorant of the fact that his words were doing just that.

It’s important to draw a distinction between Cruz politicizing the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas and whatever it is he’s accusing Democrats of doing. They are not comparable in any way, shape or form.

Democrats want to tighten the flow of weapons of war so that no 10-year old can walk into a 7-Eleven and walk out with an Uzi. No reading of the 2nd Amendment, no matter how twisted can make a case for that.

Democrats are trying to prevent the kind of tragedies that we see in America with mind boggling frequency. Tragedies that happen nowhere else on Earth.

Ted Cruz is a vocal and visible proponent of the GOP doctrine of guns-for-all, a doctrine that funds the lavish lifestyle of the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and supports the sale of highly profitable AR-15 style rifles.

Salvador Ramos, the 18-year old shooter at the Robb Elementary school yesterday died at the hands of police who responded to the incident. Still, that just doesn’t feel much like justice. Somebody – a lot of somebodies – needs to be held responsible.

The shooters change, as does their motivation, but some things remain constant. Like Ted Cruz, who says we don’t need more gun laws, we need to support our police.

The problem with that kind of faulty logic is that America’s ridiculous gun laws, based on criminally specious interpretation of the 2nd Amendment are the very conduit for the unrestricted flow of guns.

Even if we could immediately double every police force in the America, we still couldn’t stop the shootings because the police only arrive after shots are fired. It’s not possible for anyone to know where the next shooting will occur.

Cruz, Donnie Trump (the guy who called Cruz’s wife an ugly pig) and Texas governor Greg Abbott are scheduled to appear at an NRA conference on Friday. I don’t know what they do at NRA conferences, but I can only assume it has something to do with legislation that will legalize fully automatic weapons for the criminally insane.

Cruz, Trump and Abbott will be bringing serious firepower to the NRA, an organization that was established to promote marksmanship and gun safety. There probably won’t be much talk about gun safety, though.

A majority of Americans want to tighten up our gun laws and enact universal gun control. They want to live in a country that loves its children more than it loves guns.

Democrats represent that majority.

Republicans represent Smith & Wesson. To say that both sides are politicizing these shootings is a false equivalency.

In GOP World, the real danger is books. They’re more worried about their children learning than they are about them dying.

In a perfect world, justice would come swiftly to those who put corporate profit over the lives of children. America might line up the worst offenders and have them executed by surviving family members of the children who have perished due to politicians’ and lobbyists’ craven indifference to human life.

The tricky part is deciding who would go first.

If we’re voting today, I’d cast my ballot for the three stooges, Cruz, Abbott and Trump, since they’re on their way to NRA Land to stir up some fear, hatred and gun fever.

There’s plenty of others though, enough to keep the barrels of those guns hot enough to cook bacon, as illustrated by Ted Cruz in THIS VIDEO.

Wayne LaPierre, vice president of the NRA, an organization that he fleeced for his designer suits and 1st Class travel and is always ready to quash any discussion of gun control is pretty high on the list as is about 80% of the Republican Party.

Joe Manchin’s a reasonable candidate, his idea of compromise is always voting with Republicans. Feel free to send in your own suggestions and please specify if your you’d like your candidates to be offered a blindfold.

PS If you’re thinking that I’m just another pinko, commie, anti-gun Liberal, take heed. I carry a gun and practice often.

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