Should we send TucKKKer Carlson and Perjury Taylor Greene to Gitmo?

Should we send TucKKKer Carlson and Perjury Taylor Greene to Gitmo?

Inarguably, TucKKKer Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene are enemy combatants, so the only question remaining is what to do with them.

If anyone asks (not that they would), I vote to send them to Guantanamo Bay for a decade or two.

America is sending billions of dollars in humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. They are fighting for their freedom, for self-determination and for democracy itself.

Back in the 1950’s, when Superman first appeared on TV, they called it Truth, justice and the American way. Obviously, truth and justice have ceased to be the American way, but at least the 30-year old nation has a shot at democracy.

Ukraine has been invaded by a heretofore uber powerful military machine. This is not a cold or ideological war, it’s an all out shooting war, destroying cities, displacing millions, killing thousands and inflicting all manner of deprivation and depravity on an innocent, civilian population.

War crimes are being committed by Vladimir Putin’s ruthless, blood thirsty minions, many of them taking out their frustrations with being poorly equipped and unfed on the helpless and unarmed. Some are convinced by a lying dictator that Ukraine is filled with Nazis who deserve to be killed, mutilated and raped.

The tragedy of this war should not be just another political football, even to those who routinely side with our enemies, with dictators and even with diseases that infect and kill us.

This should be an obvious choice for Americans of all persuasions.

There are however, those among us who see democracy as a human frailty, a weakness that needs to be eradicated. Among the more vocal are lying liars TucKKKer Carlson and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The former, a talking asshat of Fox “News” and the latter a grate (sic) orator from the grate (sic) state of Georgia.

Ms. Greene, AKA MTG, says that we should not be sending our money to Nazis. Her accusation of Ukrainians being Nazis, of course, comes without any factual basis whatsoever, her charge of Nazism leveled at Ukraine’s Jewish president.

Apparently, Vladimir Putin using the subterfuge of de-Nazifying Ukraine as the impetus for his invasion is all the proof Ms. Greene needs.

Carlson, with an estimated audience of over 4 million viewers is the defacto face of White nationalism in America. His is also the face of a dog trying to figure out a magic trick, but that only makes his popularity all the more curious.

TucKKer is a long time fan of Vladimir Putin and authoritarian leaders, such as Hungary’s Viktor Orban. Carlson produced a documentary of sorts depicting Hungary as some sort of idyllic Utopia under constant attack from the villainous George Soros, a common foil for the radical Right.

So blatant is Carlson’s treachery that his denigration of democracy and support of Putin is looped on Russian state media.

Hungary has notoriously blocked negotions between Ukraine and NATO since 2018, accusing Ukraine of unfairness to ethnic minorities for making Ukrainian the official language of Ukraine.

The irony (hypocrisy) of siding with Hungary on the issue of language is that in 2006 a Republican Senate voted to make English the official language of the U.S. in an ill-fated ammendment to a bill that was ultimately passed without that edict.

Predictably, Carlson, with all the humanity he can muster, supports Putin’s war of atrocities. It’s enough to make you wonder how many rubles he has in the Cayman Islands.

It may be overreaching, but if we can’t lock up Carlson and Greene for their relentless attacks on American democracy, we should at least be able to find some justice for their overt aid to our foreign enemies.

Будем здоровы! (BOOdym zdaROvy – Let’s be healthy)

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