Did Putin promise Donnie a piece of Ukraine?

Did Putin promise Donnie a piece of Ukraine?

The title question may seem far-fetched, but read on. Maybe not so much.

In a world consumed with crazy, implausible conspiracy theories, a Russian president giving away a piece of a sovereign nation sounds like one more turd to heap onto the pile of nonsensical bullshit. But is it really?

A good detective will tell you that deductive reasoning requires you to look at all available options, rule out the ones that don’t work and whatever you’re left with is the answer. No matter how unlikely.

European kings and feudal lords routinely rewarded loyal subjects with tracts of land. In the 16th Century, Henry VIII (not to be confused with Herman’s Hermit’s Henry VIII) handed out pieces of Ireland like they were Halloween candy.

That’s why the Protestants wound up with all the good farmland and poor Irish Catholics spent years digging potatoes out of the leftover hardscrabble.

Deutche Bank lent Trump some $2.5 Billion over the past 2 decades and continued loaning him money even after Trump DEFAULTED on a $640 Million loan and then sued the bank for HIS failure to repay the loan.

That’s worse than Dick Cheney shooting his neighbor in the face and then getting the neighbor to go on TV and apologize to him.

Deutche Bank unabashedly gave Trump preferential treatment of a $170 MIllion loan while he was in office. Apparently, the $700 Million fine they paid for money laundering had little impact on their business model.

Trump’s now-defunct casinos and real estate deals have long been scrutinized as conduits for Russian billionaires to launder money.

The thing about these money laundering deals is that there is a great deal of cash involved, perhaps TRILLIONS, and that kind of money seems to be able to make problems go away.

Trump praised Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as genius. Framing it as just another real estate deal, Trump said, He’s taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart.

Just another real estate deal. Maybe that’s all it is to Trump, although it’s a lot more than $2 worth of sanctions.

What Putin promised Trump for his help conquering Ukraine is open for speculation. Could be a Trump Tower in downtown Kiev, governorship of Ukraine, mayor of Odessa or possibly harbormaster of Mariupol.

Maybe even Trump’s long sought after Trump Tower Moscow.

Putin may have overestimated his influence in our 2020 election or Trump’s ability to steal it.

One theory is that all of Trump’s secret talks with Putin – talks without note takers or American translators present – were about Trump becoming a Putin-like autocrat, something he might have been able to accomplish in a second term.

As the theory goes, the two of them were planning to dominate the world, unimpeded by laws, rules, regulations, norms or even morality.

It was Putin’s handyman-turned-Trump-campaign-manager, Paul Manafort who changed the GOP 2016 platform to EXCLUDE aid to Ukraine.

It was Trump who withheld aid to Ukraine until Congress intervened. It was Trump who was blocked by Congress from lifting sanctions placed on Russia for the 2014 invasion of Crimea.

In Helsinki, Finland, Trump told the world that he believed the word of a KGB murderer who actually lied for a living over the conclusions of seventeen American intelligence agencies.

In fact, Donnie spent his entire presidency praising, adoring and enabling Vladimir Putin while undermining America, American democracy and American institutions.

Donnie did everything short of sending Vladimir Putin an engraved invitation to invade Ukraine, but only he and Putin know why.

Perhaps Putin promised to forgive Donnie’s debt to Russian oligarchs or perhaps he promised to destroy the pee pee tape.

In any case, it was enough for Donnie to betray his country, violate his oath of office and lay waste to the Constitution.

Someone has to explain to me how any of that made America great.

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