Isn't prayer the exact OPPOSITE of faith?

Isn't prayer the exact OPPOSITE of faith?

God has a plan for everyone. It’s the refrain of preachers, pastors, priests, rabbis, imams and bible-thumpers everywhere.

Jew, Muslim or Christian, God’s got a plan for you.

Believing in God’s plan, though, one has to question the purpose of prayer. Are we asking God to change his plan for us or do we think we have a better plan?

The latter would certainly be a remarkable degree of audacity and/or hubris.

If you have a Facebook account, you’ve undoubtedly seen at least one post from someone asking you to pray for someone else. It could have been some rando or it could have been from someone you know.

How do those folks think that works and how would my praying for someone I barely know influence an omnipotent God to alter THE PLAN for that person?

Is there some threshold, some minimum number of likes or people praying that get God’s attention? What does it take to change the Lord’s plan to allow a human being to live a a little longer?

The other thing that’s kind of curious is why, when God is everywhere and even sees us when we’re sleeping (or is that Santa?) do we have to go somewhere else to pray?

Is that just a preacher’s ploy to have someone to pass the plate to on Sundays?

All of this may seem irreverent, blasphemous or sacrilegious, but what sort of faith is there that can not be examined?

There are Bible camps, Bible study, Bible groups, Bible gateways, Bible apps, even an audio Bible narrated by James Earl Jones, which is interesting, considering that Jones is also the voice of Darth Vader.

Apparently, there’s a great deal of interest – and profit – in discussing the Bible.

As a fallen angel, I’m interested to know what all the prayer is about. If your faith is strong, isn’t it enough to just believe that God will do the right thing? Or at least the thing that an all powerful being wants to do no matter what you or your Facebook buddies say?

Each Friday night during football season in Texas, you can find every high school team on their knees, praying for victory over that night’s opponent.

They pray to a God who created the Heavens and Earth in just 6 days as if God has a vital interest in the outcome of every single football game in Texas.

Last night in SoFi Field in Englewood, CA, as the Cincinnati Bengals and L.A. Rams prepared to face off, both teams, no doubt, beseeched God to grant them victory.

Obviously, the prayers of one of those teams went unheard, or, at least unanswered. A clever preacher would frame it as God’s answer to the Bengals last night was No.

Perhaps though, the King of Kings had some action with BetMGM. It is, after all the king of sportsbooks.

Since the Rams didn’t cover the spread last night (4 points) in their 23-20 win, I can’t help wondering if the Most High bet the Bengals or the under (48.5 points was the over/under line).

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