Lying liar Peter Navarro and the "Green Bay sweep"

Lying liar Peter Navarro and the "Green Bay sweep"

Did you ever listen to former Trump advisor, Peter Navarro and wonder what the heck he was talking about?

Here’s something that may surprise you about Navarro and also speaks to Jared Kushner’s foreign policy chops. Asked to do some research on China by his father-in-law (Donnie Chump), Kushner found himself intrigued by the title of a book co-authored by Navarro; a book entitled, Death by China.

Based solely on his browsing through book titles on Amazon, Kushner invited Peter Navarro to come to the White House to advise the President of the United States.

You may think Martha Stewart or Stephen King might have been better choices. Personally, I like John Grisham, Lee Child and Nelson DeMille.

Navarro purports himself to be an economist, but somehow felt qualified to advise Donnie on matters of trade, manufacturing Defense Production, science, climate change and medicine.

Navarro also chimed in quite frequently on infectious diseases, something about which you would always want to consult with an economist, especially a crappy one.

Navarro’s secret sauce for the economy is the go-to of every Republican; give rich people more money and it will somehow wind up in the pockets of the working class.

Spoiler alert: History has repeated proven this to be a sham. If you give rich people money, they will keep it.

The idea that if you tax rich people, they won’t create jobs is a myth perpetrated by rich people who don’t want to be taxed.

For more than 20 years prior to his appointment at the White House, Navarro was a Democrat. Navarro’s political affiliation since the 1980’s has been quite fluid.

From Republican to Democrat to Independent and back to Democrat, Navarro finally settled on a party oblivious to reality in 2018.

Now I don’t know it for a fact, but I just know that it’s no coincidence that Navarro’s latest allegiance coincides with his divorce. I have no proof that a costly divorce made him vulnerable to an under-the-table cash infusion, but it sure makes sense.

Otherwise, there’s no way to explain Navarro’s behavior.

He actually claimed that weak manufacturing leads to increased divorce, infertility, domestic violence, and abortions.

Recently, Navarro has been publicly and repeatedly framing his participation in a violent coup attempt as something he calls the Green Bay sweep.

It was, in fact, nothing like any football play anyone has ever seen before.

The only thing that might’ve come close was the Deflategate controversy in 2015, where Tom Brady was accused of having footballs deflated for his throwing comfort.

According to Navarro, then-Vice President Mike Pence was the quarterback of the insurrection, with the ability to throw the election. It wasn’t exactly clear where he was supposed to throw it, but there is nothing in the Constitution or any legal precedent that would account for such a maneuver.

In so many words, Peter Navarro repeatedly broadcast an admission that he was a conspirator in a violent insurrection to stop the election process and destroy American democracy.

It will be interesting to see if Navarro throws a flag in 2024 when Vice President Kamala Harris throws the election to the receiver of her choice.

Note: What Peter Navarro calls the Green Bay sweep was formerly known as the Packers sweep or Lombardi sweep, after coach Vince Lombardi.

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