Is TucKKKer Carlson really an ignorant a-hole or does he just play one on TV?

Is TucKKKer Carlson really an ignorant a-hole or does he just play one on TV?

Any reasonable, critically thinking person who’s caught a few minutes of TucKKKer Carlson on the Fox fact-free zone has probably come to the conclusion that he is, indeed, a giant a-hole.

TucKKKer’s stock and trade seems to be lying about anything that might be beneficial to America and mankind. Vaccines, masks and racial harmony, to name a few are all anathema to TucKKKer and through indoctrination, to his audience.

Defending their client in court, TucKKKer’s own attorney’s have said that no reasonable person could believe his bullshit.

TucKKKer has recently appeared in Hungary to defend right wing authoritarian, Viktor Orbán and extoll the virtues of autocracy. Clearly, TucKKKer is no friend of America or democracy.

Latest in TucKKKer’s betrayals is his support for a hostile, authoritarian nation (Russia) invading a democratic ally (Ukraine).

According to TucKKKer, both are foreign nations, so it makes no difference on whose side we come down. In other words, if the school bully is about to beat up a kid half his size, just flip a coin.

Doesn’t matter which side you take.

It’s hard to tell if TucKKKer believes any of his blatantly stupid drivel or if he’s just playing a part, but either way, it’s a dangerous part.

If you get nothing else from this rambling diatribe, please try to remember: RUSSIA IS A FOREIGN, HOSTILE NATION AND VLADIMIR PUTIN WILL DO ANYTHING TO DESTROY DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA.

According to British-American foreign affairs specialist and academic, Fiona Hill, with an invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin will accomplish a significant trifecta.

He will drastically weaken NATO, add territory back to Mother Russia and deliver a defeat to the U.S. as retribution for the dissolution of the Soviet Union 30 years ago.

Hill points out that Donnie Trump’s disastrous four years weakened the international standing of the United States in the eyes of the world and most importantly, to Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China).

According to Hill, January 6, 2021 and the days and weeks that followed signified to the world that America is no longer interested in defending democracy, either at home or abroad.

During most of my lifetime, the American dream included defending democracy around the world. America, however, no longer holds the high ground on democracy, at least as far as Republicans are concerned.

They no longer see democracy as useful to their war chests.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, we were quick to launch Operation Desert Storm, rolling in more than 500,000 troops to push Saddam Hussein back to Baghdad.

Maybe Hussein needed to have some lying liars on his payroll.

Fast forward to 2021 and ignorant a-holes like TucKKKer Carlson – a-holes with outsized platforms – want us to believe that it’s OK for a hostile, foreign autocracy to invade a smaller, less powerful, democratic ally.

Well, TucKKKer, the world is watching.

We’ve already seen an authoritarian crack down in Hong Kong. If we sit idly by while Russia annexes Ukraine, China will see that as an invitation to roll into Taiwan, something Xi Jinping has been fantasizing about for years.

If you think the microchips that provide a multitude of functionalities to your cars and appliances are in short supply now, just wait until China controls the flow of microchips from Taiwan, where we get the vast majority our most sophisticated chips.

It doesn’t matter if TucKKKer is ignorant, stupid or a deceitful liar (the three are not mutually exclusive).

TucKKKer is always going to look like a dog trying to figure out a magic trick and he’s always going to be a clear and present danger to America and to democracy.

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