If only Sean Hannity had reached out to Andrew Cuomo

If only Sean Hannity had reached out to Andrew Cuomo

Granted, lying liar Sean Hannity has no reason to reach out to the evil Democrat and former governor of New York, but if he had, the results might have been significantly different.

In case you haven’t noticed, lying, cheating, stealing, inciting and raping are not consequential acts in the Fox bubble. At least not for Republicans and especially not for Trumpsters.

Hannity has publicly admitted that he doesn’t check the veracity of stories he reads on the air. If a producer handed him a story about Vladimir Putin winning our next presidential election, Hannity might just report it as news.

It might even turn out to be one of the only truth-adjacent stories he tells in 2024.

In 2016 Hannity was an integral part of the Trump campaign. He traveled with Trump and often introduced Donnie at rallies.

Sometimes, just to switch it up and keep their love fresh, it was Donnie who introduced Hannity.

Later, it was said that Hannity was a secret member of the Trump administration, sharing late night phone calls and strategizing with the one-term, twice impeached president.

Hannity did everything in his power to help Trump lie about, cover up and obfuscate the truth about everything from dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct and rape to Team Trump’s involvement with Russia, Donnie’s extortion of Ukraine and his leadership role in a violent insurrection at our nation’s Capitol.

Through all of it, not a peep about Hannity being suspended, much less fired.

The beauty of Fox is that when you lie all the time, have no shame, no conscience and no guilt, you are free from the constraints of accountability..

It’s no surprise that Chris Cuomo was fired for reaching out to his besieged brother. It would have been surprising if he wasn’t, although it would have been disappointing had he not reached out to his brother in the governor’s time of crisis.

Democrats are splintered into a dozen factions, fighting for their agendas at the expense of the party and the future of America. About the only thing that unifies Dems is their ability to cannibalize themselves.

In 2017

All that happened in 2006, when Franken was still best known as an SNL prankster and a bit role in the 1983 film Trading Places.

The picture was real, but the rest of Tweeden’s allegations were weak and improbable. Nonetheless, Democrats decided to turn on Franken in fear of losing the moral high ground in their indignation about Alabama senatorial hopeful and child molester, Roy Moore.

Without due process, Franken was sacrificed on the altar of Democratic sanctimony. Democrats are simply not good at having each others’ backs.

If only Andrew Cuomo had someone like Sean Hannity in his corner, Chris Cuomo might still have a job.

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