2021 delivers a final reminder that climate change deniers are fools and liars

2021 delivers a final reminder that climate change deniers are fools and liars

2021 has been a tough year for many of us and for a lot of different reasons. For the pillow guy, it was a series of failed predictions that his lover, Donnie Trump would somehow be reinstated as president of something or other.

For QAnon, it was the failure of John F. Kennedy, Jr to reappear in Texas. I don’t have any idea what that’s all about, but it’s typical for a bunch of knuckleheads eager to believe the unbelievable and improbable.

As any economist with no desire to ever appear on Fox “News” will tell you, America experienced its greatest economic growth EVER in 2021.

While that may be a reason to celebrate for Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, America’s CEO’s and billionaires, the rest of us may be a little less full throated ringing in the new year.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which seems to be dragging on into infinity has been a strain on most of us. Whether you’ve had COVID or not, whether you’re vaccinated or not and even how you feel about wearing a mask all play into our lives in one way or another.

For some of us, the anticipation of punching out a flight attendant is enough to keep us up at night.

The carnage and implications of January 6, 2021 weigh heavily on many of us and prospects for getting to the truth seem to grow dimmer by the day.

What are they hiding and why are they trying to get us to believe that what we saw and heard with our own eyes and ears did not happen?

The answers to those questions may be scarier than you think.

Climate change though, is the Sword of Damocles hanging over all our heads. Its effects will cause unimagined harm to Fascists and Democrats alike.

The Koch brothers have every reason in the world to lie about the impact human beings have on climate change. Actually, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, they really only have one reason: M-0-N-E-Y.

The same is true of anyone invested in the production of fossil fuels, fertilizers, pesticides and the like. Growth of their already vast fortunes could be slowed by their acknowledgement of the toxicity of their products to our entire planet.

If you follow the money, you can understand why Donnie Trump’s first official action in 2017 was repealing a law that prohibited coal companies from dumping toxic waste into our water supply.

Mother Nature issued a stern and what may be her last, urgent warning yesterday, as ONE HUNDRED MILE PER HOUR WINDS knocked down power lines and fueled a fire described as moving the distance of a football field in just seconds.

This happened in Boulder County, Colorado and as many as 1,000 homes, a shopping center and hotel were destroyed.

Why power lines are still dangling from wooden poles in one the most advanced countries in the world is a discussion for another day.

This was not a remote event in some national forest caused by unraked leaves, whatever that means. This was Main Street, suburban America, less than an hour west of sprawling Denver.

It was a perfect storm of high winds and parched earth; November was the driest month in Boulder County since the beginning of those records 127 years ago.

The only question remaining is whether or not we have reached the tipping point, that moment in time when mankind has pushed the planet past the point of no return.

The oceans are a hot, carbon-saturated garbage dump.

Alternating drought, monsoons and extreme weather conditions like the one that caused yesterday’s historic destruction in Superior, CO and unprecedented December tornadoes across Texas, Arkansas and Kentucky are causing increasing damage and interruptions in food production.

This is the reality of life on Earth as 2021 comes to a close. It’s unlikely that 2022 will be any better.

While it is in the financial interests of some to lie about their contribution to the planet’s demise, it is against the interests of everyone else to believe those lies.

Big tobacco had been lying to Congress and the country for decades about the harmful effects of smoking when, in 1994, seven tobacco executives testified that they did not believe nicotine to be addictive.

Obviously, that was all lies.

The only question is Why did people choose to believe those who had a financial interest in lying? Is it some basic, human flaw or are some of us just foolish beyond redemption?

Whatever the answer, Republicans and Right wing media have found a way to thrive in its existence.

Happy New Year. Uber if you’re going to be drinking.

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