Sick of what passes for patriotism? Happy f**kin' Veterans Day

Sick of what passes for patriotism?  Happy f**kin' Veterans Day

“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.” – President Emmanuel Macron

First published on November 11, 2017:

There’s about 4,800 homeless veterans in Los Angeles.  Luckily, they’re in L.A. and not here, in Chicago, where it was 20 degrees last night.

Do you think any of those 4,800 homeless veterans care if you stand, kneel or squat and take a dump during the national anthem?

If you want to support veterans, how about starting with those in need of shelter?  How about taking care of those poisoned by Agent Orange in Vietnam? 

They don’t have another fifty years to wait for a decision about whether or not they were poisoned by poison.

For years we’ve heard one of our political parties define the meaning of real American and patriotism.  Now they embrace blatant hypocrisy and cast aside any pretense of patriotism.

They’ve pledged their allegiance to their own self interests.

I have almost no beliefs in common with John McCain.  He, however has always shown himself to be a man who loves his country and serves it enthusiastically and with honor.

He is also one of the most courageous, self-sacrificing men any of us will ever see in real life. 

When McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, he declined an offer of early release.

After years of torture at the hands of his captors, McCain CHOSE to stay with his men instead of returning to the United States for long overdue medical care.

Whether you call that bravery, patriotism or whatever, America has always held John McCain in the highest esteem. He is a hero by anyone’s definition.

When Donald Trump said that John McCain was not a hero and that he (Trump) prefers people who were not captured, I thought that was it.

That should have been the end of ANYONE’S political career. 

I looked around me in places where people gather to honor the military and saw no outrage, no spurning of those words that should have been an affront to every American.

Words from a draft dodging dilettante who compared the risk of combat with contracting venereal disease at Studio 54Words from a criminal narcissist who compared building a business empire at the expense of taxpayers and contractors with serving his country.

When Trump attacked Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan, I looked to those around me for some response that would reflect the reverence of the Gold Star sacrifice.  I saw none, just as there was none when he attacked Myeshia Johnson, a grieving, pregnant Gold Star wife.

Everyone seems to have walked away from their principles to embrace a man who has none.  So-called Christians embrace the most un-Christian behavior with open arms.

Those who spent their lives honoring service and sacrifice now accept blatant disrespect from a charlatan who takes the word of a man trained in deceit and an enemy of our nation over those who serve our nation at their own peril.

Until we’re taking care of those who have actually served, let’s ignore phony controversies stirred up by a man who seeks only to inflame anger, hatred and resentment. 

Standing during the national anthem will not bring back one dead soldier, shelter the homeless or treat the ailing.

If you voted for Donnie Trump in 2020, just shut the hell up today. You lost the privilege of thanking those who have actually served.

Don’t talk about honoring veterans, we can’t hear you over the noise of your actions.

2021 Update: The same goes for cops. If you don’t support the Capitol Police who defended the building and the occupants they were sworn to protect and recognize their heroism and if you think the January 6 insurrectionists were patriots, please keep your bullshit about backing the blue to yourself.

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