OAN's Pearson Sharp calls for his own execution and it's a compelling argument

OAN's Pearson Sharp calls for his own execution and it's a compelling argument

If you’re a regular patron of this space, it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of Pearson Sharp. If you think Pearson Sharp sounds like a made up porn star made name, you may be right.

The problem with journalism these days (yes, I consider this journalism) is that we on the Left – Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Baby-eaters – are stuck in the mundane world of reality. It is not intrinsically exciting.

By comparison, those on the Right are free to disregard truth and facts in order to conjure up frightening, salacious and enraging nonsense palatable to an audience starved of reality.

As Hitler’s Chief of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels often said, The bigger the lie, the better.

Preston Padden (another made-up sounding name), former executive at Fox “News” highlighted the malignancy of Right wing media in a recent Raw Story article. You can read that HERE.

The fact is, crazy sells. Crazy is contagious. Crazy attracts more crazy.

Pearson Sharp is just one of a legion of interchangeable lying liars and Trumpster sychophants seeking approbation and viewership from the disenchanted.

Sharp works at One America News Network (OAN) which could reasonably be called WAN and I’ll let you decide what the “W” would stand for.

Let’s just say that TucKKKer Carlson would feel right at home on WAN.

To put it succinctly, Sharp delivered an impassioned plea in June calling for the execution of those who meddled in the sacred process of our elections.

I could not agree more whole heartedly.

Anyone who knowingly screws with our elections should be penalized severely, up to and including their vaporization. Number one on that hit list, since he brought it up, is Pearson Sharp.

Number two would be Donnie Trump, who has knowingly, fraudulently and relentlessly pushed his BIG LIE that someone stole an election from him.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

In his own interest, Donnie tried everything within the not insignificant power of the President of the United States to overturn a free, fair and secure election and that includes inciting an armed insurrection to stop the certification of the election.

An election that he lost.

Now, either Sharp is not too sharp and knows nothing about anything or he is deliberately lying. I’m not sure it makes a difference anymore.

Sharp and the empty barrels on the Right say that someone is trying to silence the voices of America and they are correct. THEY are trying to silence OUR voices.

81 million voices that shouted in harmony last year.

Why should Pearson Sharp’s vote count more than mine (and my 81 million besties)?

Sharp is not just screwing with an election, he is undermining our entire democracy, a form of government which is proving all too fragile in the 21st Century.

This whole stolen election thing started before the election was even held, with Trump, Giuliani, Bannon and their entire cadre of lying liars, Nazis and Fascists devising ways of hanging onto power in the event of an unfavorable outcome to the 2020 election.

Trump’s lawyer, John Eastman put together an entire plan to intimidate Mike Pence and overturn the election.

Those people comprise most of page one of the hit list.

Trump’s own Attorney General, his Departments of Justice and Homeland Security all said that after extensive review, the 2020 election was free, fair and the most secure in American history.

There is no basis whatsoever for any claim of widespread voter fraud PERIOD

With all the FACT BASED evidence coming from Trump’s own people, some would still rather believe the pillow guy, who has yet to produce one single shred of evidence of fraud, manipulation or…anything.

How sentient beings can believe that a dead Venezuelan president is somehow responsible for putting his finger on the scale for Joe Biden is beyond comprehension.

Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell said in her own defense that no reasonable person could have believed her bullshit, although she is now pushing conspiracies about dead people in Georgia.

There’s an old adage that says, You can’t make this stuff up. I beg to differ, they can and they do.

So, right on, Pearson Sharp. Let’s execute those who choose to mess with America and our elections.

The next tap on your shoulder may be the arrival of the justice you crave.

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