Mike Pence finally told the truth

Mike Pence finally told the truth

After years of lying, covering up and dodging the issue, Mike Pence finally told the truth, although he probably didn’t realize it at the time.

Reacting to President Joe Biden’s speech about renewing our efforts to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, Pence, with all the faux outrage he could muster proclaimed that President Biden’s speech was unlike anything he’d ever heard from an American president.

While it was all red meat indignity crafted for the viewing audience of Liars and Lackeys – otherwise known as Fox and Friends – truer words were never spoken.

Only two presidents in modern history have been tasked with responding to anything like the COVID-19 pandemic.

One is President Joe Biden, the other is his predecessor, whom reasonable people might agree is a bit of a lowlife scumbag, prone to outrageous lies, corruption, subservience to Vladimir Putin and generally un-American activity.

The previous guy didn’t actually respond to the pandemic as much as he tried, unsuccessfully, to craft it into his own personal endorsement. He ignored it, downplayed it, lied about it and tried to wish it away.

Last on the previous guy’s agenda – if on it at all – was protecting Americans from a deadly disease.

He said it would magically disappear and recommended treatments like bleach, disinfectant and light bulbs. He said that there were only five cases and that it would soon be down to near zero, whatever number he thought that might indicate.

Considering the fact that there’s about 330,000,000 people in America, five is about as close to zero as you can get. It is statistically insignificant and only represents 0.0000015151515% of the population.

It was also a lie.

The previous guy never leveled with America, never encouraged the wearing of masks and kept his own vaccination a secret. President Joe Biden and all our former presidents were very public about their vaccinations.

The previous guy declared war on science and used the pandemic to deepen the political divide and gin up opposition to common sense.

The pseudo-religious say they don’t need masks because God will protect them from COVID-19, which seems to conflict with their need to go to Walmart for Ding Dongs with AR-15s slung across their shoulders.

The point is, it’s understandable that Mike Pence hadn’t heard a U.S. president – or ANY elected GOP leader – stand up to or call out the bullshit.

President Biden said, We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us, to which Pence said, That’s not how the American people expect to be spoken to by our elected leaders.

No, Mikey, it’s not how the American people expect to be spoken to by our elected leaders and therein lies the problem.

The American people have come to expect their elected officials to reverberate the lies of their leader, even the most impossible of impossibilities, the Big Lie.

They expect assholes like Ron DeSantis to lead them on crusades to allow their children to get sick and die.

Understandably, it can be a shock to hear the unadulterated truth, that we are sick of the miscreants who refuse to get vaccinated, refuse to wear masks, all of which is prolonging the misery of a protracted pandemic and prolific variants for the rest of us.

They fight for their right NOT to get vaccinate and try to deny the rest of us our right to GET vaccinated.

No, Mikey, you haven’t heard anything like President Joe Biden’s speech because it was blunt and truthful, without regard for the political ramifications.

You haven’t heard anything like it because when you were in office, we didn’t have a president who put the country’s well being before his own.

Keep your TV on, Mikey. You may just hear a lot more truth than your virgin ears are used to.

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