You call THAT an insurrection?

You call THAT an insurrection?

Liberals – and probably Conservatives, too – were relieved that Saturday’s scheduled Justice for J6 mob at the Capitol did not materialize in any significant way.

Some took the paltry crowd, estimated at less than 500 people, as a sign of our return to common sense or civility or of Donnie Trump’s waning influence, none of which I believe to be true.

Rachel Maddow asked, Where were all the people?

While we may not know where they were, speculation can be a dangerous past time.

We should not let the feeble turnout of a protest to support violent rioters and insurrectionists lull us into a sense of complacency.

Whether on purpose or serendipitously, event organizer, Matt Braynard, may have accomplished more than whatever it was he had planned.

There were four arrests made on Saturday, which produced one knife and a couple of guns. Kind of a nothing burger in violence-addicted America.

Braynard wasn’t expecting a big crowd, he only got a permit for 700 people. There were almost that many law enforcement officers and media folks.

The very idea, though, of a rally to support miscreants arrested for a violent attempt to overthrow the election process should set off ear splitting alarms.

Yet, as more Republicans jump on the nothing-to-see train, our own outrage seems to be waning.

It’s not surprising that many of us woke up Sunday morning with a sense of relief. Granted, Joel Osteen was still batting his eyes at the camera, but at least there was no Jan 6 redux.

Our view of a small, peaceful group on September 18 juxtaposed with the fading images of January 6 challenges our memories. Maybe it was just a regular visitors day after all. Maybe we over-reacted.

No, we didn’t. If anything, we under-reacted.

The most dangerous perception of all is that there might be some validity to the stated goal of Saturday’s rally. Maybe the shaman guy really is a political prisoner.

He isn’t, but that’s the whole point. They want us to question our own beliefs and by extension, reality. That’s what they do.

As more and more revelations come to light about the final, chaotic days of the Trump presidency and his desperate attempts to cling to power, we are venturing farther and farther from our span of attention.


Donnie Trump revved up his troops for months and incited a violent riot on January 6, 2021. We have thousands of contemporaneous pictures and videos offering irrefutable evidence.

Insurrectionists roamed the halls of the Capitol looking to do bodily harm to Vice President Mike Pence and elected officials on their enemies list.

Law enforcement officers were NOT hugged and kissed; 140 of them were injured, some disabled, one died.

Many testified before Congress that they were fighting for their very lives.

Make no mistake. A violent riot/insurrection/mob action took place on January 6 and many of those arrested said they were following Donnie’s orders.

The Big Lie is growing as recounts are now underway and requested in counties where Donnie won (bigly). It’s another in a barrage of lies and there must be pushback.


Donnie’s followers think they’re patriots because they don’t know what it means to be one. They think that blind loyalty to one (broken, corrupt) man is patriotic. They have no allegiance to America or to American democracy.

They are a cult, pure and simple.

The real question, Rachel Maddow is What can expect now from Donnie’s death cult?

The only guidance I can offer is, Crazy people do crazy things.

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