Is Dave the plumber just another Dave the dumber?

Is Dave the plumber just another Dave the dumber?

You may have noticed that the words plumber and dumber share five letters, including a silent b. I don’t know if that means anything, but you can click HERE to find more words with the silent b.

At the beginning of the summer I posted a negative review in a local online group because Dave the plumber, a guy I had employed for small jobs over the years, kept ghosting me.

After a few weeks of missed appointments and a punchlist of inane excuses, I found another plumber, whose name also happened to be Dave.

The original Dave worked at a local hardware store and I had identified him as such in my review, to which Dave took great umbrage. He was unhappy that my review of his performance – or lack thereof – had clearly identified him.

It wasn’t just Dave’s excuses that were inane though, it was everything he said.

After Dave saw my review, he texted me an apology. Then he recanted his apology, saying that his services would no longer be available to me, which was the problem in the first place.

Dumb, with a silent b. There’s just no fixing it.

Back in April, when Dave wasn’t returning my calls or texts (problems with his phone, he said), I found him at the hardware store and asked if he was planning to do the job for me or not.

He said he would and we agreed upon a time – a time for which Dave would once again be a no-show – and we did a little hardware store chit chat.

I complained that the lumber I needed for my summer project had doubled since the previous year, to which Dave replied, Carter 2.0.

I assumed Dave got that term from one of the lying liars on Fox.

Yes, Carter fueled inflation by expanding the money supply, but Nixon and the war in Vietnam set the table for inflation, which ramped up in 1972 and 1973.

Carter didn’t take office until 1977 and it was an Iranian oil workers strike that sent oil prices skyrocketing, causing gasoline shortages and increases across the board of consumer products.

The day before our conversation, a government report called CPI (Consumer Price Index) indicated a major inflationary uptick in the previous month – March, 2021 – which would have included price comparisons for President Joe Biden’s first month in office.

Hardly enough time for him to have had any impact at all on consumer prices.

While it was true that the price of lumber in March of 2021 had doubled from the previous year, in June of 2020 – while Donnie Trump occupied the White House – many types of treated lumber had become completely unavailable.

If President Biden gets the blame for higher lumber prices, does he also get credit for those prices plummeting in July of 2021?

Either he’s in charge of everything or he’s not.

The kind of price increases we’re seeing now is directly caused by the disruption of suppy chains caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The argument could be made that an intelligent, science-based, unselfish response to the pandemic might have prevented the severity of those supply chain disruptions, but that’s a past we can not change.

Right now there are dozens of ships loaded with needed goods waiting for a chance to offload those goods at American ports.

The reason that that they’re moored out at sea in limbo is because of a shortage of dock workers and truck drivers, a direct result of the pandemic.

COVID-19 has taken a toll across our economy and economies around the globe.

If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, you may already be too late.

Dave also blamed price increases on Biden’s $15 an hour minimum wage, a policy that doesn’t exist. Dave and everyone else stuck in the Fox bubble are probably unaware that the federal minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour.

Dave also said that he didn’t care about the minimum wage because he made most of his money from his side job – as a plumber.

So, fuck you if you’re working for minimum wage and don’t have a side gig.

Right now we’re facing the possibility of a government shutdown and the first ever U.S. default on debt because of the looming debt ceiling.

Republicans – and the lying liars of Fox – are trying to paint this as some sort of Democratic spending spree.

The TRUTH is that the debt limit needs to be expanded to pay for money voted on and spent by Republicans during the previous administration.


Dave doesn’t know anything about CPI, what it measures or what information it represents.

From his comments over the years, it’s obvious that Dave doesn’t know much about anything, but that doesn’t stop him from adding his opinions to the Fox echo chamber.

In Georgia Saturday night, lying liar Donnie Trump said that the audit in Arizona proved that he won the election when, in fact, just the opposite is true.

Donnie lost 99 votes, President Biden picked up 261 votes. Congratulations, again, Mr. President.

If you happen to run into Dave at the hardware store – or anywhere – try not to engage him in conversation. He will, no doubt, tell you about Donnie’s victory in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Sadly, the Dave’s of the world only hear what Donnie wants them to hear. Your words will fall on deaf ears.

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