Who are "We the People"?

Who are "We the People"?
Lawn sign, Wilmot, WI

We the People is a catch phrase popping up on lawn signs, flags, t-shirts, hats, beer mugs and even welcome mats, which may be more of a repellant than a welcome.

It all begs a singular question: Who exactly are We the People?

We the People begins the 52-word Preamble of the Constitution and continues with...of the United States,…

To read the Preamble, click HERE.

Said Preamble appears on page 3 of my passport, opposite my picture and above my signature. Apparently, I signed up to be a part of this We the People.

I did not, however, authorize the maker of the above sign (featured image) to speak on my behalf. His or her sentiments may not accurately represent my perspective at all, the state of being pissed off not withstanding.

I am certainly pissed off, but probably not for the same reasons as the sign maker. Coincidence of pickup trucks in the area defiantly flying flags barking Fuck Biden leads me to believe otherwise.

The sign in question is a bit schizophrenic, like someone scolding himself out loud. First he or she says that WE THE PEOPLE – referring to all of us in America – ARE PISSED OFF!

Then he or she turns around and says, WAKE UP AMERICA.

Is he or she shouting at himself (herself)? Is America pissed off or asleep? Is he or she with the people who are pissed off or the ones asleep?

Across to tops of pages 10 and 11 of my passport is an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence which reads, We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal…

Clearly that is not a value shared by a disturbingly large segment of our population who don’t seem to believe that anyone’s votes should count but their own. Like petulant adolescents, they’re unable to come to terms with the fact that the candidate for whom they voted didn’t win.

Even though he didn’t win by a lot (SEVEN MILLION votes).

Personally, I found it hard to accept the results of the 2016 election. While I don’t believe that machines were rigged or that a dead Venezuelan leader conspired to help Donald Trump, I do believe that a perfect storm of disinformation, lies and unfortunate happenstance helped to discredit his opponent, who still won the popular vote by a margin of three million.

At no time however, did I feel compelled to storm the U.S. Capitol or threaten election officials.

Somehow, these folks have gotten it into their heads that the only way to save our democracy is to overturn our elections and they’re not quite bright enough to grasp the contradiction.

They’re like Liliana Carillo, who says she killed her three children to protect them from abuse.

Luckily for them, the MAGA crowd is immune to nuance, reason and facts, sustaining themselves with anger and resentment.

Why are these people angry at doctors providing them with medical information or with school officials who want to protect their children? If you can answer those questions, you’re a hell of lot smart than me.

The folks who mock us with the epithet of cancel culture simply for standing up to injustice and racism want to cancel our votes, our rights and probably our elections.

Their version of cancel culture is by far more insidious, as evidenced by the vilification of Liz Cheney for simply refusing to back the lies of the world’s biggest liar.

Many on the Left are gloating over Donnie’s boot from the presidency, but he may have won more than we realize. He has mobilized the voices of hate and exclusion and given rationalization to the whimsical determination of the outcomes of future elections.

Across the tops of pages 18 and 19 of my passport is a quote from our 34th President, Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower; Whatever America hopes to bring to pass in the world must first come to pass in the heart of America.

Right now it’s impossible to say what America hopes to bring to pass in the world because it’s unclear what’s actually in the heart of America.

We the People seem to be going in two very different directions. The Left is motivated by the question, What about them?

The Right has taken a cue from the narcissistic whining of man who sees only his own fortunes as relevant – to the detriment of all others – asking, What about ME?

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