Do masks put a TARGET on your back?

Do masks put a TARGET on your back?

As I was walking out of a TARGET in Lake Bluff, Illinois last week, I observed a large brown dog in a harness at the end of leash held by a tall guy with a mask.

The guy seemed angry and in some sort of heated discussion with someone in a vehicle pulling out of a parking space, but I couldn’t tell what it was about.

The confrontation ended abruptly as angry guy turned and headed toward me and the store entrance. Suddenly, as if cracked on the back of the head, he spun around and headed back toward the driver’s door spewing appropriately spaced F-bombs, which was the only part I could make out.

Retreating from angry guy’s advance, the SUV hastily made way for the parking lot exit. In case you’re guessing, you would be right if you guessed that the car was sporting a Florida license plate.

We’ve all seen arguments erupt in parking lots, usually over parking spaces or unattended carts rolling into car doors. This did not seem to be the case here.

In the post-Trump age of COVID, masks seem to be one of our most hot button issues.

Reaching down to pet angry guy’s doggie, I asked if the person in the Florida car was berating him for wearing a mask, at the same time feeling a little naked with my own unmasked face.

Sure enough, that was it.

I remember the good old days, before the vaccine when we would accidentally ram our shopping carts into unmasked shoppers at Costco. It seems the worm has turned.

What possible difference could it make to anyone if someone else wants to walk around in a mask? How is it hurting or affecting them in any way at all?

As long as the guy isn’t a surgeon about to crack open their chest, they should just go on about their business. For reasons that defy sanity, people who don’t want to wear masks have declared war on people who do.

We chatted a bit more and I told angry guy that my wife and I had decided that we were going to start wearing our masks again, although I didn’t tell him when and I think he knew that I was lying.

I also told him that my wife would love his dog and that was true.

As we parted, I offered up that he should try to ignore the Stupid People, that no amount of reason or logic could penetrate the fact-resistant Fox bubble.

Angry guy said that he would try not to take it all personally, even as I wondered if I could ever take my own advice.

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