A self diagnostic: Are you one of the Stupid People?

A self diagnostic:  Are you one of the Stupid People?

There’s a much maligned segment of our society that may or may not deserve our disapprobation. It’s odd that we define good and evil along party lines, but that is where we are.

The MAGA nation suffers the slings and arrows of such epithets as trumpsters, dumpsters, trumpanzees, trumpkins, deplorables, traitors, insurrectionists and, as Donnie himself has described them, the poorly educated.

For purposes of this diagnostic, we can just call them the Stupid People.

One day history may reveal whether or not those pejoratives were deserved, assuming, of course, that we record it accurately.

In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s You Might Be a Redneck, there are ways to tell if you might be one of the Stupid People.

If you believe anyone who starts out saying, I’m not a scientist, and then goes on to to challenge scientific evidence, then you might be a Stupid Person.

Subject matter may include, but is not limited to things like climate change, wildfires, infectious diseases, women’s bodily functions and the effects of separating children from their parents and locking them in cages.

If your opinions are dictated by a network that says all other news is fake and discourages you from believing your own eyes and ears, you might be a Stupid Person.

If you think that wearing a mask to protect the people around you and stop the spread of a deadly disease somehow interferes with your rights as a human being, then you might be a Stupid Person.

If you have decided that the one person in the world that you can and should believe is the one person in the world who has earned a reputation for bald faced lying, cheating and fraud, you just might be a Stupid Person.

Or perhaps a graduate of Trump University.

If you think that a guy with no military experience knows more than all the generals or that the guy who attacks Gold Star families and calls American soldiers buried overseas losers has any respect at all for our military, then you might be a Stupid Person.

If you rely on Social Security, Medicare, interstate highways, police and fire protection or any other community services enjoyed within a civilized society but think that Socialism is your enemy, then you might be a Stupid Person.

If you’re confused, think of it this way: Socialism is the fire department rushing to save your burning house.

Capitalism is the insurance company denying your claim.

If you think a guy who can’t name a biblical passage to save his life and is the poster child for at least five of the deadly sins was sent by God to save you, well…you know.

The list goes on, but I would note here that acting like a Stupid Person isn’t the same as actually being one.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we let our fears get the best of us. Sometimes we get caught up in things and act in ways that are not reflective of who we actually are.

That can be self perpetuating and difficult to escape.

What America seems to need now, maybe more than anything is a reality check, a return to common sense. Before committing ourselves to anything or anyone we need to ask ourselves, Does this make sense?

Are forest fires really caused by Jewish space lasers? Do Democrats really eat babies? Is my fear and anger in line with my faith?

If things sound far-fetched, they probably are. The people that you’ve been convinced are your mortal enemies just have a different vision of what makes America great.

They are really much more like you than you’ve been led to believe.

While there is no cure for stupidity, a little common sense could go a long way to de-escalate the angry tribalism that seems to consume America.

In the end, it may just come down to the questions we pose to ourselves. Do we ask, What about me? or do we ask What about them?

Hmmm. WWJD?

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