Stupid People have good reasons not to get vaccinated

Stupid People have good reasons not to get vaccinated

THERE ARE VERY FEW REASONS NOT TO GET VACCINATED, whether or not they’re good is debatable. That includes the religious and medical variety, as well.

For some there is a fear factor, but it’s a fear that needs to be overcome. And yes, there are cases of vaccinated people getting COVID, but their chances of severe illness are greatly diminished.

Since vaccination rates among Democrats is double what it is among Republicans, it’s reasonable to conclude that a lot of Stupid People are not getting vaccinated.

If you don’t know if you’re one of the Stupid People, just click HERE.

Once again, I apologize for my use of the pejorative, Stupid People, but I just don’t know how else to refer to these people. Listening to them repeat baseless claims, made-up facts and bizarre, twisted rationalizations makes me dizzy.

Their experts have zero expertise; they preface their uneducated opinions with I’m not a doctor/scientist or their only credentials are being a drug-addled lunatic and stuffing a pillow with foam.

When I was a boy, my mother’s greatest fear was that I would get polio and it was not completely unreasonable. At the time, there were hospital wards full of polio victims in iron lungs and kids ambling around on crutches and with leg braces. Polio left my father with limited use of his left arm.

Dr. Jonas Salk developed an injectable polio vaccine in the 1950’s, which ran into trouble in 1954 when 200,000 defective doses were released, causing the deaths of 10 children.

Dr. Salk’s dead-virus vaccine was finally released to an eager public in 1963. Shortly thereafter, an orally ingested version (weakened virus), developed by Dr. Albert Sabin became available.

NOBODY hesitated getting those vaccinations and polio was eliminated in the United States by 1979. Similarly, smallpox, measles and mumps were all wiped out because of herd immunities acquired through vaccinations.

For the record, Sabin and Salk were both Jews. We’ve never wanted to replace anyone and it’s not likely that anyone can replace us, no matter what you hear from the “very fine people.”

Donnie and Melania Trump were secretly vaccinated in January. So were TucKKKer Carlson, Sean Hannity and Ron DeSantis. Why they all chose to keep secret their acts of self preservation is a question for their followers to ask.

The short answer is that they’re assholes.

The COVID-19 vaccine didn’t come out of nowhere. Scientists and pharmaceutical companies have been studying coronaviruses and ways to combat them for decades. The study of messenger RNA or mRNA, as used in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines goes back more than 30 years.

The application of mRNA to combat COVID-19 is the culmination of a body of work by a little known Hungarian biochemist named Katalin Kariko, now a senior vice president at BioNTech, the German firm that worked with Pfizer to develop the vaccine.

Interesting tidbit: Kariko’s daughter, Susan Francia is an Olympic rower and 2-time Gold medalist.

Neither Pfizer’s nor Moderna’s vaccines have any fetal tissue in them. While some early research was done with fetal cells, those cells have been growing in laboratories since 1970 – hundreds of generations removed from any actual human.

Hypocritical Bible thumpers like Big Joe Algae use their Facebook platforms to try to discourage people from getting vaccinated. How many lives does that cost?

There’s NO FETAL CELLS in the vaccines, Joe. And if there was, why would cells from a fetus that died 50 years ago be more important than the children who are dying right now?

Big Joe once bragged on FB that he was proud to have been the only person in the airport not wearing a mask. What if he was asymptomatic and spreading COVID like a mosquito spreading malaria?

Joe is one of a legion of ignoramuses who beat the Bible into sharp weapons to be used for their own agendas.

They tell us that kids having to wear bullet proof backpacks to school and having mass shooter drills is just the price of freedom, but wearing a mask in Walmart for ten minutes is an infringement on their rights.

If these people had their way, they would bring back all previously eradicated diseases. By their thinking, Jim Jordan is more qualified to administer their colonoscopies than a board certified gastroenterologist.

That Republicans spend so much time attacking the one guy who’s dedicated his career to protecting America and the world from deadly diseases is depraved and unconscionable.

Rand Paul (R-KY) grills Dr. Fauci like he’s Dr. Mengele.

Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), who recently called the Viet Cong heroes, says he wants Dr. Fauci prosecuted to the fullest ability of the law.

Cawthorn doesn’t specify with what crimes Dr. Fauci might be charged, but both Cawthorn and Paul could definitely be charged with aiding and abetting the Jan 6 insurrectionists.

Beginning in February of 2020, COVID spread across America like wildfire because we had a president who was more interested in his reelection than he was in how many Americans died from a pandemic.

He lied about it, downplayed it and attacked those with actual medical and scientific knowledge.

Instead of showing his concern for Americans by making the wearing of masks a good, patriotic thing, he used it as a political football and held rallies without regard for the health impact of those attending.

Donnie loyalist Herman Cain died three weeks after attending a rally. How many people died because of Donnie’s criminal mismanagement of the pandemic will be debated for years.

That his turning of a blind eye to a deadly disease contributed to the spread of COVID-19 across America is inarguable and irrefutable.

With the Delta variant threatening to set America’s recovery back significantly, this would be a good time for Donnie to step up and tell the Stupid People that it’s time to protect themselves, their families and their communities by getting vaccinated.

THAT would be putting America first.

Sadly, Donnie’s too busy dividing America, spreading unwanted, uneducated opinions and baseless LIES like so much manure.

There’s just no other way to say it. Giving the slightest bit of credence to his words is just plain…stupid.

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