A morally bankrupt GOP formally ended the rule of law today, burying the Constitution and American democracy

A morally bankrupt GOP formally ended the rule of law today, burying the Constitution and American democracy

Republicans in the United States House of Representatives ousted Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her role as House Republican Conference chair today.

Cheney’s position makes her the third most powerful Republican behind House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

She is expected to be replaced by Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY), previously a moderate Republican, now a rabid Trump loyalist.

McCarthy and Scalise, two lying liars, sniveling cowards and Trump sycophants are leading the charge to have Cheney replaced by Trump-endorsed Stefanik.

Ironically, until Trump’s impeachment in 2019, Stefanik was a moderate Republican who embraced facts and science and voted with Trump only about 75% of the time.

Simultaneously, Cheney was a staunch, textbook Conservative who voted with Trump 93% of the time.

What changed? The short answer is that Stefanik lost her mind while Cheney maintained fealty to her oath of office, the Constitution and to America.

Stefanik’s fealty is only to Trump PERIOD

Cheney is a war-mongering, trickle down theory, anti-abortion gun nut who was the darling of the GOP. What could she possibly have done to have fallen so far?

It appears that her crime was acknowledging that which is clearly true and condemning that which is clearly a lie and doing all of that unrepentantly.

Immediately following the violent insurrection at our nation’s Capitol, McCarthy himself laid the blame squarely at the feet of Donald Trump.

In the following weeks and after a visit to the magic kingdom (Mar-a-Lago), McCarthy switched to blaming everyone in America and finally settling on the narrative that the insurrectionists were antifa or BLM only pretending to be MAGA assholes.

Cheney continues to reject the GOP’s revisionist narrative (lies) and adamantly warn that Trump’s and the GOP’s continued sociopathic promulgation of the BIG LIE – that the 2020 election was somehow and without evidence stolen from Trump – is a threat to our democracy.

For telling the truth, for honoring her oath of office, for defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and refusing to swear allegiance to the man who cost the GOP ALL THREE branches of government, Congresswoman Liz Cheney has been censured and lost her job.

The Republican Party, which drafted no platform for the 2020 presidential election, deferring instead to the whims of an infantile tyrant, has declared itself an enemy of America, enlisting en masse in the army of Donald Trump.

The message is clear. Damn the truth. Damn the Constitution. Fuck democracy. Long live the king.

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