360,000 fishermen die every year

360,000 fishermen die every year

If your response to the above headline was No way or Bullshit or Dude, what are you smoking? give yourself a gold star.

If it sounds reasonable to you, then you should probably get back to your recorded collection of Jeanine Pirro’s most hysterical rants.

Many of us have seen an episode or two of Deadliest Catch, a series about crab fishing in the Arctic Ocean, so we know that it’s a dangerous business.

The thing is, there’s only about 58,000 people employed in America’s fishing industry, so 360,000 deaths would be a pretty bad year for them.

The actual number of commercial fishermen dying each year is about 42, making that 360,000 number not just an exaggeration, but a delusion.

What if I told you that 500,000 Americans die on our streets, roads and highways each year? Does that sound reasonable?

The actual number of automobile deaths in America has averaged around 38,000 annually for the last 20 years. No doubt that number would be higher without seat belts, airbags and other safety features introduced during that time, but it’s nowhere near 500,000.

Outlandish and improbable numbers like those above highlight a very real problem in our society that does not bode well for things to come.

Some of us – A LOT OF US – are tuned into a “reality” that simply does not exist.

So committed are these folks to their version of the world around them and the onslaught of misinformation they consume from those willing to pervert and subvert truth that it is all but ordained to destroy American democracy.

Nutty Nancy, the woman spewing the aforementioned delusional statistics at me was doing so in an effort to delegitimize the threat of COVID-19, a popular – and dangerous – obsession within the Fox bubble.

Nancy likened COVID-19 to the flu, a virus which generally kills about 20,000 people a year, a far cry from the current COVID-19 death toll of 565,000.

During the approximately 7 minutes I endured Nancy’s blathering, she rattled off what sounded like a medley of Tucker Carlson at his most bizarre.

She started with an incoherent charge against Vail Resorts, but lamented that she couldn’t write them a letter because they wouldn’t sell her a ski pass next season.

Vail Resorts operates 37 ski resorts worldwide and sells over 800,000 season passes each year, probably hosting a couple million skiers total.

Nancy’s letter would not have made it past the circular file and Vail Resorts would gladly take her money for a season pass.

She also claimed that the Vail Daily was too far Left to print her gibberish, a claim which is dubious, at best. Within 45 seconds, Nancy revealed herself to be both far-Right leaning and paranoid, two things that seem to coexist in perfect harmony.

Among other things, Nancy also claimed that COVID-19 was not airborne and that it’s not even a real pandemic.

She also assured me that she knew what she was talking about because she always does her homework. Apparently, Nutty Nancy went to Trump University.

Proving that cuckoo birds of a feather really do flock together, the gentleman accompanying Nutty Nancy blamed the spread of COVID-19 on the government and its management of convalescent homes.

A significant slice of our population is tuned into an alternate universe. A universe where a world renowned virologist is the enemy and a failed businessman turned reality TV show host is the only believable voice.

A universe where science is a hoax, the Constitution doesn’t exist and laws do not apply.

In that universe, Democrats are not just the opposition party, they are the enemy. They are out to destroy America, which is ironic considering the damage that Donald Trump has been able to inflict on our country in just four short years.

Nutty Nancy’s inability to recognize statistics that are grossly out of the range of possibility is amusing. After all, she’s just one misguided individual.

The problem – and the threat to America – is that Nancy represents millions of Americans who vote and believe the unbelievable.

They believe the Big Lie. They believe that Donald Trump knows more about everything than people who’ve spent their lives dedicated to their respective fields and to the furtherance of mankind.

They believe that Democrats – Liberals, socialists, communists, antifa, etc – are their mortal enemies and will accept anything to defeat them, whether it’s Fascism, racism, Nazism, authoritarianism…or Donald Trump.

Several government agencies have determined that the greatest long term threat to America’s security is climate change.

It’s time to add climate change deniers to that list. If the name Rupert Murdoch comes to mind, stay tuned.

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