The Nazis are coming!: GOP embraces the Fourth Reich

The first part of the above title is a paraphrase of something that never happened. Paul Revere never said, The British are coming, but that’s a story for another day.

The Nazis however, are not just coming, they have arrived.

Thanks to Donald Trump and the Right’s obsequious and frantic attempts to pander to his supporters, hate has gone mainstream.

Whether or not you think Donald Trump is a racist is irrelevant.

His symbiotic relationship with hate groups like the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Boogaloo Boys, KKK and other loathsome miscreants has given him a power base unprecedented in American politics.

In return, Trump has given hate a seat at the table.

The image above shows the stage at this year’s CPAC in Orlando, Florida.

It is unmistakably and deliberately in the shape of an Odal (or Othala) Rune, once a prominent symbol in Nazi insignia, now a symbol of white supremacy and Nazism.

While Hyatt Hotels denounced the symbolism as abhorrent, they allowed the conference to proceed without alteration.

If your knee jerk reaction is to scramble for some sort of lame explanation, excuse or whataboutism, you are either a Trumpanzee, a Nazi or Jew in denial.

Trump enjoys fanatic support among America’s community of hate.

Recent reports show Trump’s Proud Boys (Stand back and stand by) had not only planned to breach the Capitol on January 6 at multiple access points, they framed it as a war and elected a war chief.

There is no fence to sit on here. You’re either down with the Nazis or you’re not.

Trump’s accomplishments are infinitesimal and his failures are colossal. Whatever you think he did well because of what he or Sean Hannity told you is a lie.

When have you ever known an honest journalist to fly on a candidate’s private plane and introduce him at campaign rallies?

When have you seen honest reporting of a president from a creature who dines gratis at that president’s restaurants?

There is nothing to which you can point with pride other than Donnie’s encouragement for you to voice your grievances, your hatred and baseless claims of persecution and a stolen election.

China won the trade war and is now testing a new generation of nuclear arsenal. They have expanded their reach into countries abandoned by Trump’s dissolution of trade agreements.

Iran is now in a position to demand removal of sanctions before even sitting down to revisit their nuclear deal and they continue to attack our troops in Iraq.

Trump left Russia and North Korea stronger geopolitically and militarily with his strongman bromances and he buried a report laying blame for the death of a U.S. resident and journalist squarely at the feet of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince.

This pandemic, which has killed over 525,000 Americans did not magically go away. The number did not go down to near zero and the warm weather of April, 2020 did not extinguish it.

Those were all lies told to you by a president who refused to acknowledge the threat of a deadly pandemic because he thought that it was a greater threat to his political ambitions.

He lied about it, he downplayed it and he covered it up. He turned the most basic facts and precautions into political footballs and half a million Americans died.

So, MAGA, huh? How did any of that make America great?

It’s time for a little honesty here in America. We’re not going to get it from Fox “News,” OAN, Newsmax, Alex Jones or any of the other right wing lying machines, so it’s up to you, my friendly Trumpsters.

If your boy runs in 2024, please make your logo MAWA, so that we all know where you stand.

Make America White Again.

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