The now dead Rush Limbaugh

The now dead Rush Limbaugh

In Friday’s post, Tucker Carlson should stick to racism, it’s what he knows best, I referred to Rush Limbaugh as the now dead, Rush Limbaugh. 

It’s like the old joke that circulates after every stock market crash (something that hasn’t happened since Barack Obama became president).

In the wake of a crash, Kenny Mesirow, who lost a cool million in the market, called his stock broker’s office every single day asking, Is Joe Alger in?

Finally, after three weeks of Mesirow’s calls, the receptionist exploded and said, Mr. Mesirow, I have told you every day for the last three weeks that Mr. Alger killed himself after the crash. Why do you keep calling?

Mesirow replied, I just like hearing it.

Not all rejoice in the demise of Mr. Limbaugh, though.  Ms. Lauren Boebert of Rifle, Colorado (it’s a real place, google it) tweeted the following:

I’m calling on Joe Biden to order flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of Rush Limbaugh.

For starters, when addressing the President, Ms. Boebert should address him as such.  They are not on a first name basis.

Limbaugh did nothing to deserve the type of recognition Ms. Boebert is requesting.  Like his buddy Donnie, Limbaugh dodged the draft with a letter from his doctor about a boil on his ass.

After he lost his student deferment, Limbaugh was classified 1Y until that classification was abolished in 1971 and changed to 4F.

Brian Sicknick was an Air Force veteran and a Capitol police officer who died defending the sanctuary of American democracy.

Ms. Boebert did not request any sort of recognition for Officer Sicknick’s sacrifice from Donnie Trump.

In terms of stature and deservedness, Mr. Limbaugh would be the smelly stuff on the bottom of Officer Sicknick’s shoes.

In her defense, Ms. Boebert is fairly ignorant.

A high school dropout with a rap sheet, she once poisoned 80 people at a county fair because she didn’t know how to properly handle pork sliders.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Boebert proudly brandishes her ignorance just about every time she opens her mouth or tweets.  She knows nothing about government, democracy, the Constitution or constitutional amendments.

Boebert isn’t even able to comprehend that her tweet to President Biden is as ridiculous as if she would have called upon him to bring her a pepperoni pizza.

She is a QAnoner with too little information and too many guns who represents the 3rd District of Colorado in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Coloradans might want to start considering their representatives a bit more carefully.

Limbaugh was a self-righteous, pill popping drug addict who trafficked in racism and misogyny.  He promoted Birtherism and referred to President Obama as a halfrican American.

Limbaugh was poison for America and in large part, responsible for the culture of lies that led to the January 6th insurrection.

Several Conservatives have joined the call for the lowering of flags in Limbaugh’s honor as something that Democrats can do as a show of political unity.

What next, delivering hot lunches to Proud Boys sentenced for their part in the Capitol insurrection?

While they seem to have an endless list of things that Democrats can do in the name of political unity, I haven’t heard of ANYTHING that Republicans are willing to do in the same spirit.

For now, let’s just close our eyes and say it all together:


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