Brian Sicknick fell victim to a mob of misguided miscreants sent by Donald John Trump

Brian Sicknick fell victim to a mob of misguided miscreants sent by Donald John Trump

The remains of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick were delivered to the Capitol rotunda Tuesday night and memorial services were held there on Wednesday preceding burial at Arlington National Cemetery.

As I watched the proceedings, my sadness deepened, as did my anger.

Lying liar Kevin McCarthy, a knowing conspirator in the lies that led to the violence of January 6th stopped by the rotunda Tuesday night for a photo op.  McCarthy is also a conspirator in the cover up.

Some said McCarthy should have been the one lying in honor in the Capitol rotunda instead of Officer Sicknick.  McCarthy however, does not deserve to lie anywhere in honor.

140 Capitol police officers and 58 Metro DC police officers were injured by the mob sent to the Capitol by Donald John Trump to disrupt the election process.

More than a dozen police officers remained hospitalized days after the attack with injuries ranging from brain trauma to broken ribs, a cracked spine, stab wounds and a lost eye.

Several police officers present at the Capitol have taken their own lives in the weeks following an insurrection incited by Donald John Trump.

Brian Sicknick, a 12-year veteran of the Capitol police and a veteran of the New Jersey Air National Guard, with two overseas deployments was beaten to death.

Some officers were beaten with poles bearing the American flag.

Anyone who says they support our police, our military or our flag and does not condemn this attack is a liar and a hypocrite.

As I watched the solemn proceedings at the Rotunda, I thought of a guy who calls himself Big Joe.  Formerly of Illinois, I suspect we will soon be hearing about Joe in a news story that begins with, A Florida man… 

I knew Joe was a Bible thumping, phony baloney hypocrite the first time I met him. He was all about handing out little Bibles and copies of the Constitution, neither of which seemed to influence his life one bit.

Joe pretends to be pro life, but he is only pro birth.  Once born, he’s just as happy to see a guy like George Zimmerman or Jason Van Dyke put a cap in your Black ass.

With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, Joe was suddenly a part of Blue Lives Matter and Back the Blue motorcycle rides.

Guys like Joe don’t care about cops, they just like to say F.U. to Black people.  It’s a different story now that a cop killed a White Trumpster.

There’s a post on Joe’s Facebook page demanding the name of the cop who shot Ashli Babbit, who was breaking into a federal building at the time and threatening the lives of that very cop and members of Congress.

Guys like Joe support cops who shoot unarmed Black men in the most questionable of circumstances and a cop who kneels on the neck of a handcuffed Black man until he dies.

Not so much when the shooting victim is White, even as she commits multiple felonies.

The insurrectionists pretend to be patriots, but carry Confederate flags and brandish swastika tattoos.  They pretend to be law and order people, but have no problem breaking laws and killing and maiming cops.

Patriotism is the love of your country, not one deranged, selfish, petty man who gives voice to your hatred or religious fervor.

The insurrectionists believed Donald John Trump’s lies.  They believed the election was somehow stolen from him.

They believed that they could overturn a legitimate election by storming the Capitol because that’s what they were told by Donald John Trump.

They believed that they could kill Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, maybe AOC and a couple other radical Democrats and Trump would keep the job that he had abdicated for two months and we would all go on as if nothing sinister had happened.

Stupid? Gullible?  The two are not mutually exclusive.

They were Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, demented QAnon zombies and Trump supporters of every shade of ignorance, racism and bigotry from across the country.


Ashli Babbit brought on her own death.  She died not as a martyr, but as an insurrectionist and a brainwashed cultist.

Every member of that mob shares responsibility for her death and for every other death and injury that resulted from Donald John Trump’s insurrection.


Like Charles Manson, Osama bin Laden and Adolph Hitler, Trump was not present for the execution of his plan.

Like Manson, bin Laden and Hitler, he is just as guilty as if he beat Officer Brian Sicknick to death himself.

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