Is Laura Ingraham really a Nazi?

Is Laura Ingraham really a Nazi?

I read something on a Left-wing-QAnon-type blog once that has me tuning into The Ingraham Angle every now and then just to ponder the implication.

It was probably nonsense and that kind of lame maliciousness is the reason there’s no Left wing counterpart to the Right’s conspiracy-driven, alternate reality, Q-niverse.

Lefties don’t have wild conspiracies about Republicans drinking baby blood, or hate groups who want to kill Jews and Black people, hang the vice president or destroy the Capitol and we don’t have gun toting douchebags too selfish and/or stupid to wear masks to protect their friends, families and neighbors.

Ingraham probably isn’t a Nazi.  Probably.


She is however, a hypocrite.  On inauguration night she ripped into President Joe Biden’s address and his theme of unity.

Apparently, Ingraham identified with Donnie’s bleak, inaugural portrait of American carnage, a dystopia that he succeeded in bringing down on this country, culminating in an armed insurrection at the nation’s Capitol.

Ingraham’s colleagues were of a different opinion.

Chris Wallace said, I’ve been listening to these inaugural addresses since 1961. I thought this was the best inaugural address I ever heard.

Karl Rove, Republican strategist and all around mean guy said on Fox that Mr. Biden had delivered a great speech for the moment.

Somehow, Ingraham concluded that any attempt at national unity would negatively impact our personal liberty.

In Ingraham-QAnon-idiot world, President Biden’s 100-day mask mandate is an attack on our freedom from atop a slippery slope.  Somehow, she opined, the mask mandate will extend well beyond its initial 100-day goal.

It might even extend until America is once again safe from the death and decimation of COVID-19.

Ingraham spewed a contemporaneous conspiracy concoction about a Chinese headline bidding Donnie good riddance.

If you scan headlines from around the world, you will see that EVERY country bid Donnie good riddance because they all know exactly who he is; an unhinged, untrustworthy psychopath lusting for power.

Ingraham saw it differently, though.  She determined that China was glad to see Donnie go because he was such a good negotiator and President Biden will be ineffective against China’s roll toward world dominance.

The American taxpayer footed the bill for Donnie’s tariffs and agricultural subsidies and his withdrawal from the world stage and alienation of our former allies was like shucking an oyster and offering the pearl to China.

Trump’s bromance with Kim Jong-un gave North Korea everything the isolated nation had wanted since Kim’s grandfather was in charge and left them with enhanced missile and nuclear capabilities.

Pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal pulled the curtains on transparency and gave them carte blanche to fire up the centrifuges.

NO ONE was better served by the Trump presidency than Vladimir Putin.  Every overt act and every nuance of American foreign policy divided the West and bolstered Russia’s dominance.

You think you’ve got a friend in Jesus?  Putin had friend in Trump.

Who else would’ve turned a blind eye to Putin’s interference in our 2016 election, to Russia’s massive cyber attack on U.S. federal agencies and corporations and to Taliban being paid by Putin to kill American soldiers?

Laura Ingraham thinks China is glad to see Trump go.  Blondie, EVERYONE’S glad to see Trump go.

And for the record, China loves Lady Ga Ga, too.

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