Is it true that Biden wants to make this country Socialist?

Is it true that Biden wants to make this country Socialist?

A Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, N.J., emailed me the following last week: Is it true that Biden wants to make this country socialist or is that just republican propaganda?

Recalling Mr. Feder from Saturday Night Live’s Roseanne Roseannadanna segments, I didn’t take the question seriously.

Turns out, Mr. Feder was dead serious.

This particular Mr. Feder, not the one of SNL fame, claims the question arose out of acute political naivete, which we’ll call a generous assessment and leave it at that.

Not that any Republican can actually define Socialism, but the short answer to Mr. Feder’s question is, No.

In fact, very little (none) of what Republicans say about President-elect Joe Biden or Democrats in general, is true.

Republicans have maintained a simple and clear agenda for decades, which can be summed up as:

1. Tax breaks for the rich, paid for by the working class
2. Executing agendas for their donors and base voters at ANY cost to Americans, their health, their desires, democracy or the environment.
3. Suppressing votes from minorities, old people, college students and everyone else likely to vote Democratic
4. Demonizing Democratic voters and their representatives

The word Republican is both a proper noun and an adjective. You can say, He’s a Republican, or He’s a Republican senator.

The word Democrat is a proper noun ONLY.

The adjective form of the word is Democratic. You can say that He’s a Democrat, but to be correct, you must say, He’s a Democratic senator.

When Republicans say things like, The Democrat Congress, they’re using the word Democrat as a pejorative.  It’s the way they label things to make them seem bad.

Republicans are masters at it.

Republicans stick together in the use of talking points and demonizing labels.  From low energy to death taxes, activist judges, death panels, intellectual elites, radical Left, Socialist, etc, etc, etc..

Some of Trump’s most effectively used words include rigged election, hoax, fake news, deep state and crooked Hillary.

Newt Gingrich, Republican congressman from 1979 -1999 is the father of the Democratic demonization protocol.

He insisted his fellow Repubs use EVERY single opportunity-every speech, every TV appearance, every motion in Congress-to define Democrats as evil Socialists out to destroy America.

As history unfolded, Fox “News” and other Right wing media outlets built huge viewership on that very principle.

So no, Richard, don’t believe anything Donnie Trump or Republicans say about Joe Biden. Or anything else, for that matter.

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