14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was killed during a Trump-incited riot

14-year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was killed during a Trump-incited riot

Ashli Babbitt served her country for 14 years in the Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard and we owe her our thanks for her service.

As for the anti-American act of insurrection that lead to her death, that’s on her, QAnon and Donnie Trump.

As a supporter of our military and their families, something into which I’ve invested significant time and more than one dime, I’m obliged to recognize that the military, like all organizations is a collection of individuals.

Individuals are not perfect.  If they were, there would be no Military Police, no Internal Affairs Bureaus.

Babbitt had achieved the rank of senior airman and served in a security position.  She was deployed for several tours of duty, loved her country and was proud of her service.

Babbitt was also deeply invested in the improbable conspiracy theories of QAnon and Donnie Trump’s blatant lies about a stolen election.

Babbitt’s to do list for Jan. 6 included forcing Vice President Pence and Chief Justice Roberts to resign and having them arrested for treason.

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was to be arrested and charged as an accessory to murder and treason.  Rosenstein’s murder victim was not identified.

It was an ambitious plan, but also reveals a complete misunderstanding of the crime of treason.

Donnie Trump accuses everyone who refuses to do his bidding of treason and his followers seem to have embraced that demented policy.

One of Trump’s main ploys is to accuse his opponents of his own crimes and this is a prime example.  If anyone is guilty of treason, it is most assuredly Donnie Trump.

As I have before, I encourage anyone who has not read the Mueller Report to read just 50 pages. Trump and his campaign were up to their eyeballs in Russian agents.

Trump’s foreign policy – if you can call it that – was a clear manifestation of Vladimir Putin’s agenda.

Trump’s two most scandalous, treasonous acts were virtually overlooked because we were just too weary from years of his antics and corruption.

He defended Russia’s all out cyber attack on America’s security agencies by saying it was probably China and he turned a blind eye to VLADIMIR PUTIN PAYING AFGHANIS TO KILL AMERICAN SOLDIERS.

How does a 14-year Air Force veteran get past all of that?

The answer is that her access to information was limited by her choice of sources.  It is a process of self-selection and voluntary exclusion from reality.

Release of Babbitt’s identity only raises more questions:

1. Why was Babbitt the only person among those thousands to have been shot?
2. When did Babbitt become radicalized to QAnon?
3. How many in our armed services have been similarly radicalized?
4. Babbitt was killed during the commission of crime in which she had thousands of accomplices, including ringleader, Donnie Trump.  Why aren’t those accomplices rounded up and charged with felony murder?

Perhaps the biggest, most painful question is how this would have all played out if Babbitt and her accomplices were Black.

Babbitt’s death is a tragedy on many levels, but it was the final destination of the path she chose.  Whether we call her a rioter, an insurrectionist, a terrorist or a looter, the choice was hers.

Social media needs to be more assertive on the content allowed on its platforms.  The chaos at the Capitol yesterday was like a slow pitch, letters high, right over the plate.

We saw it coming and we did nothing.

Prior to the storming of the Capital, Trump told his supporters that they were going to walk down to the Capitol and that he would be there, with them.

As his absence from video and photographic evidence conclusively shows, it was another empty promise.

Trump was hiding in the White House while Ashli Babbitt was bleeding to death.

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