Can we help Little Markie or are we doomed to live with crazy?

Can we help Little Markie or are we doomed to live with crazy?

There are many who believe Trump’s completely baseless, completely made up conspiracy hoax about nonexistent voter fraud.

There are some who believe the Earth is flat.

All evidence suggests that he Trump believes his own lies.  Liars need to convince themselves of what they want to convince others.

When they lie, steal and cheat to accomplish their goals, they become enraged when their efforts are thwarted.

In 2016, Trump, a first time candidate in any political contest announced that the election would be rigged and that he would only accept the results if he won.

Trump is emotionally incapable of dealing the reality of loss.

When the media proclaimed Trump the president-elect with 306 electoral votes, he declared it to be victory by a landslide, pretending that he didn’t lose the popular election by over THREE MILLION VOTES.

Even though Trump’s victory was based on a total of only 70,000 votes across three states, Hillary Clinton conceded and called Trump to congratulate him.

President Obama immediately invited Trump to the White House, where he and the incoming first lady were welcomed graciously.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.

With the exception of the year 2000, when the election pivoted on just 500 votes in a state controlled by the brother of one of the candidates, that’s how it’s always worked.

Trump’s inaugural crowd in 2017 was miniscule compared to the turnout for President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2017.  That’s just a fact, Jack.

This time, Trump didn’t lose by three million votes, HE LOST BY OVER SIX MILLION VOTES.

Chris Krebs is a lifelong Republican who has worked under multiple administrations, was appointed by Trump and confirmed by a Republican Senate to a position in the Department of Homeland Security.

Said Krebs, The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history. There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.

Krebs was not speaking for himself, but for a collection of federal agencies and state governments.

Donnie Trump, on the other hand is only speaking for only for himself and his frenzied need to cling to power.

If you believe that Trump is fighting for the American people, YOU ARE WRONG.  The American people have clearly spoken.  They do not want another four years of Trump.

They do not want another four seconds of Trump.

Nothing could be more un-American, more anti-American than to pressure officials to throw out the votes of 80 million Americans.

Trump’s personal Attorney General, William Barr, a man who has spent the last two years lying, covering and running interference for Trump finally had to surrender to the truth and announce, We have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.

For telling the truth, Barr may join the ranks of others who have failed to back up Trump’s lies. Men like Alexander Vindman, Chris Krebs, Michael Atkinson and Gordon Sondland.

The truth is simple. There was no fraud, there was no rigging.

Lies are convoluted.  Rudy Giuliani sitting in a hotel lobby where “witnesses” are not sworn in, under no obligation to tell the truth and suffer no consequences for lying is not a hearing.  It’s a dog and pony show.

At Four Seasons Landscaping, Giuliani can say anything he wants.  In court, he has to provide facts, evidence and proof, none of which he has.  He may shout Fraud into the wind, but he tells judges that he’s not claiming any fraud, he just wants to stop counting ballots.  Or throw them out altogether.

Inexplicably, Giuliani’s words resonate in the heads of people like Little Markie.

I’ve known Markie for a long time.  He’s always been drawn to conspiracies and now seems to accept them at face value,  no matter how detached from reality, no matter how improbable.

Throughout his divorce, Little Markie was convinced that all Asians, Chicago judges and even his own lawyer were conspiring against him.  He finds salvation in grievance and self-victimization, sure in the knowledge that it’s all “their” fault.

Little Markie finds comradery in the words of bloviating, windbag know-it-alls, regardless of the veracity of their claims or the consistency of their being wrong.

You feel me, Mr. Points a Finger?

Dumps are a normal part of counting ballots; the more ballots, the longer the counting.

Dominion Voting Systems has no ties to Venezuela or Smartmatic.  Hugo Chavez, who happens to be dead, did not interfere with our election.  Ballots were not counted in foreign countries.

All lies, Little Markie.  It’s time for you to grow up and face FACTS.

Turn off Sean Hannity, who recently admitted that he doesn’t vet the nonsense he spews.  Like a drunken witnesses at Rudy’s Holiday Inn Fests, Sean feels no obligation to tell the truth.

C’mon,  Markie.  Do you really believe that the guy who introduces Trump at rallies and dines gratis at his hotels is a reliable source of unbiased information?

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