Do you really think the government won't let you say Merry Christmas?

Do you really think the government won't let you say Merry Christmas?

Originally published in 2016, this is a Christmas throwback:

The so-called War on Christmas is one of many contrived threats to America that has Christians circling the manger.  The FACT is, the only threat to Christmas is spoiled eggnog.

Donald Trump can stand in front of a thousand Christmas trees with a flashing Merry Christmas sign around his neck, but he still isn’t the savior of Christmas.  No one was ever out to steal your holiday.

Neither can Trump force Macy’s employees to wish customers a Merry Christmas.  They need to comply with company policy.

This past April, CNN’s Michael Smerconish interviewed some Pennsylvanians who recently jumped from the Democratic ship, effectively giving up on democracy.

Asked why these former Democrats decided to vote for Trump, a dull woman named Mary Lou Zimmer proudly announced that with Trump as president, she would be able to honestly say Merry Christmas.

image: Mary Lou Zimmer, seated, far right

Mary Lou Zimmer, seated, far right

Apparently, she been saying Merry Christmas dishonestly throughout the Obama administration.

When asked who was stopping her from saying Merry Christmas, Zimmer responded, The government.

Inexplicably, Smerconish failed to ask the obvious question:  What government?

People like Zimmer belong in a locked ward with folks who wear tin foil hats to prevent aliens from stealing their thoughts.

There was a time recently when you could not buy a nine millimeter bullet for love or money.  People were stockpiling enough for a hundred lifetimes.

Why? you ask.  Good question.

NRA President Wayne LaPierre and other proxies for the National Rifle Association and arms manufacturers had convinced the gullible that Barack Obama was coming for their bullets.

Buying a couple of boxes of ammo at the gun range became a thing of the past.  Your only choice was to throw your guns at the targets, but that gets expensive.

It’s a time tested way to get money and votes.  Make up a threat and then leap to the rescue.  People with an agenda always seem to have a fix for things that aren’t broken.

Yesterday I was at a Secretary of State facility, the post office and a couple shops.  Everywhere I went, I departed with my usual Merry Christmas and received the same in response.

Network TV has been filled with holiday specials this past week, all of them replete with Christmas carols and the decorations and wishes apropos of the Christmas holiday.

This morning, Mika Brzezinski (who’s Jewish) and Joe Scarborough did their Christmas show in their pajamas, sitting in front of a fireplace adorned with Christmas stockings.



Mary Lou Zimmer, it’s time to come clean.  Who the hell told you not to say Merry Christmas?

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