The ghost of Christmas present

The ghost of Christmas present

I posted some old Christmas stuff last week including, Christmas magic through the eyes of a natural born Scrooge (2017), Do you really think the government won’t let you say Merry Christmas? (2016) and Merry Christmas to you, whether you like it or not (2015).

Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now – Kristoffer Kristofferson

I’m still out there wishing people Merry Christmas, but my words are as empty as Donnie’s promises.  They’re like Melania’s smile, never quite making it up to her eyes.

Merry is in short supply this year, rage being the mode of abundance.

Trump’s folks are up in arms and you can’t really blame them.  Like mushrooms, they exist on a subsistence of shit fed to them by a propaganda machine designed to keep them angry and in the dark.

How else could you characterize grownups whose opinion of a president is based on that president’s self-evaluation?

I give myself an A plus, he says.  330,000 dead Americans might be of a drastically different opinion.

Trumpsters live in an alternate universe, but when their twisted reality intersects real life, it poses very real danger.  Going maskless may be a political statement, but it can also be a death sentence.

130,000 Americans will spend Christmas in hospitals, fighting for each and every breath.  Health care workers are stretched to their limits and ICU beds are becoming increasingly unavailable.

What does it say about a nation whose leaders and federally licensed TV outlets are at war with the very measures that safeguard the health and lives of its citizens?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines SEDITION as incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.

By spreading lies, making false, baseless accusations and exerting pressure on politicians to help him overturn a free, fair and secure American election, DONNIE TRUMP IS PURPOSEFULLY INCITING RESISTANCE AND INSURRECTION AGAINST LAWFUL AUTHORITY.

That is the source of my rage.

Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Matt Gaetz, Mike Pence and hundreds of other sycophants are all co-conspirators.

It’s easy to see why a neo-Nazi group like the Proud Boys would be willing to fight to keep Trump in power, he is their Hitler.

What of other, run-of-the-mill Trumpsters, though?  Are they victims of disinformation or willing participants?

They are so convinced that someone stole an election that it has become a self-perpetuating reality for them.

They can’t grasp that voter fraud on the scale they suggest could only have been perpetrated by a man recognized as the most powerful man in the world, a man with the power of the American presidency.

In this case, TWO of the most powerful men in the world – Trump and Russia’s president for life, Vladimir Putin – couldn’t commandeer this election and it wasn’t for lack of trying.

How could the Democrats do it when they don’t even hold power in the states in question?

Ask your local Trumpster How, if Joe Biden or some evil cabal of Democrats stole a national election, does Mitch McConnell still have a job?

Donnie did not create the surreal, bifurcated world we live in, that distinction would probably go to Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.  Donnie was all too eager though, to manipulate it for the most evil, selfish purposes any of us could have imagined.

America, like all nations, has flaws, but the arc of history crept slowly, sometimes painfully toward a more perfect union.

Donnie, with the help and acquiescence of supplicants and cowards has effectively burnt down the house.

For my New Year’s resolution, I’m going to try to tone down my rage.  I just don’t know what we’re going to do with this pile of ashes.

And to all a good night.

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