A shout out to Billy Barr

A shout out to Billy Barr

This one is really short:

Billy Barr announced this morning that the 270 people who perished 32 years ago on Pan Am Flight 103 are still dead and a suspected bomb maker in Libya is being charged in connection to that attack.

That’s going to be a real comfort to the families of the 320,000 Americans who died of COVID-19 and the 120,000 still hospitalized and fighting for their lives.

It’s certainly going to go a long way to shield America from Russia’s heinous cyber attacks and from the disinformation being spread by our corrupt, delusional, self-dealing president, which is quite literally ripping apart this country.

Thank you, Billy Barr for being the worst, most lawless, corrupt, dishonest Attorney General in our history.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

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