Trump Crime Family struggling to stay out of jail

Trump Crime Family struggling to stay out of jail

Trump’s kids are out there (boy, are they out there) on the campaign trail stumping for daddy.  Trump world is nothing if not a family affair.

And when I say family, think Soprano, Gambino or Genovese.

Trump’s move to the White House was more of a headquarter relocation than anything else.  Tangential family associate, Melania hung tough in New York for five months, renegotiating her service contract.

It’s all business with that bunch, except for the real First Lady, Ivanka.  That’s all about lust.

Why is it that no one on Fox ever questioned the lucrative trademarks awarded to Ivanka the day she dined with Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago? 

The Trump’s are looting the U.S. Treasury and using the power of the White House to enrich themselves in every imaginable way.

Donnie is pushing for a no-bid 5G contract to his Republican supporters.

His postmaster general is a major donor who is helping him to dismantle the post office and suppress voter response.

Trump supported a blockade of our ally, Qatar until they bailed out son-in-law Jared Kushner with a $1.8 Billion purchase of his boondoggle at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York.

Any way you look at it, these people are crooks and we’re not even going to get into Trump’s aiding and abetting a foreign, hostile nation.  We’ll just say that Russia was NOT A HOAX and leave it at that.

I’ve been asked, Why isn’t Hunter Biden out there campaigning for dear old dad?

The answer should be obvious, but for the special needs folks, let’s lay it out.  Trump, Barr and Giuliani (Curly, Larry and Moe) having been working feverishly to concoct a scandal involving the younger Biden.

If you remember, Trump was impeached for trying to extort the President Zelensky of Ukraine – with taxpayer funded military aid needed to fend off Russian advances – just to SAY that Zelensky was opening an investigation into Hunter Biden. 

With Trump trying to focus attention on Hunter, staying out of the limelight is the best strategy for Team Biden.

For the last month or so, it seems like only folks named Trump appear at the maskless rallies. What happened to all those surrogates, senators and supplicants?

This week Donnie Jr, in one of his methamphetamine rants said that COVID-19 deaths are almost nothing.  When you’re a Trump, the deaths of ONE THOUSAND HARD WORKING AMERICANS EVERY DAY means nothing.

Little Eric has been on his own imaginary crusade this week.  He said that his father literally saved Christianity and that it was illegal to even say merry Christmas.

That first claim begs the question, From whom did Donnie save Christianity?  As an outsider, it seems to me that Trump has done more damage to Christianity than Jerry Falwell, Jr and Travis Clark combined.

For the record, SAYING MERRY CHRISTMAS WAS NEVER ILLEGAL.  I’ve always enjoyed saying it and I’m not even Christian.

Donnie himself hit a new low this week and that’s saying a lot.

Ignoring for the moment that he continually and falsely claims that we have turned the corner on an epidemic that is surging across the country and filling up ICU beds, Trump is now claiming that doctors actually make money by fraudulently listing causes of death as COVID-19.

That is just one lie too many.

COVID-19 has killed almost 2,000 health care workers in the U.S., more than 7,000 globally.  These people are working under incredibly adverse conditions, risking their health and their lives on a daily basis.

None of them even have a financial interest in the company making hydroxychloroquine, Mr. Trump.  Can you say the same?

It’s no surprise the Trumps are working hard to get daddy reelected.  The moment Joe Biden takes the oath of office, they are all in a world of legal jeopardy.

Maybe it would be better though, if no one named Trump talks for the next couple of days.

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