Eleven presidential campaigns with no one crying about rigged elections. Then came Trump

Eleven presidential campaigns with no one crying about rigged elections.  Then came Trump

I cast my first presidential ballot for George McGovern in 1972.  Not an actual McGovern fan, it was more of an anti-war, anti-Nixon vote.

The war in Vietnam needed to end, as did the presidency of Richard Nixon.

I’ve voted for winners and I’ve voted for losers.  Never did I think that the only fair outcome was if my chosen candidate won.  That would’ve been pure ignorance.

I voted for Ross Perot in 1992. Oops.

2016 was the twelfth time I cast a presidential ballot and it was the first time I heard a candidate say, a year before the election, that it was rigged and that he would only accept the results if he won.

Millions of Americans and millions more across the globe were stunned when Trump won with THREE MILLION FEWER VOTES THAN HILLARY CLINTION.  Shell shocked as we were, though, none of us denied the legitimacy of the election.

We were NOT happy and many of us refused to call that person our president.  President Trump?  Seriously?

If elections are, as Trump claims, rigged, then what we witnessed over the the last four years was an illegitimate presidency.

If Democrats are the master collaborators in a grand scheme to steal this election, as Donnie claims, how did we fail to take over the Senate?

How the hell did we lose seats in the House?

The answer is, there was no scheme.  There was no fraud.  Nobody stole votes from Trump or added votes to President-elect Biden.

For an election where 150 million ballots were cast against the backdrop of a rampant pandemic, this one was a marvel of honesty, transparency and efficiency.  The results could not be more clear.

Democrats are not a crafty bunch.  They are handwringers, hesitators and do-gooders, always thinking that the high road will lead them somewhere.

While she is my favorite Obama, I disagreed strongly with Michelle’s 2016 message, When they go low, we go high.

I’m more of a when-they-go-low-kick-them-in-the-head kinda guy.

I could’ve punched Kirsten Gillibrand for pressuring Al Franken to resign in 2017, as if political gain existed for trying to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Think about the depths of depravity to which one could plunge and still be on the high road compared to the corruption in the White House and in Moscow Mitch’s Senate.

The sad truth is that it’s almost irrelevant who sits at the Resolute desk.  Moscow Mitch is the defacto head of a plutocratic governing body.

According to Keith Edwards, spokesman for the Lincoln Project, Rich Mitch has spent his career cutting deals to consolidate his power while gutting the rules of the Senate, demolishing our democracy in the process.

Our country is run by rich senators who work for even richer folks, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Why wouldn’t McConnell support Trump’s wild accusations and false claims of fraud?

It keeps the spotlight off him.

I cast my twelfth presidential ballot for Hillary Clinton, who WON THE POPULAR ELECTION BY THREE MILLION VOTES, but lost the electoral college by just 70,000 votes across three states.

If you understand the intentions of the Founding Fathers, you can understand how the electoral college was set up to allow the few to rule the many.

That’s the system and it needs to be changed, but it also needs to be respected.

I got lucky on my thirteenth presidential ballot, hitting the jackpot with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Trumpsters don’t have to like it, but they have to respect it.

That’s patriotism. That’s how we show the world what it means to be an American.

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