Anthony Fauci is not the enemy, you gullible nitwit. It's Donald Trump, your superspreader president

Anthony Fauci is not the enemy, you gullible nitwit.  It's Donald Trump, your superspreader president

Ronnie returned to his doctor to get his test results and the doctor told him that he has a very aggressive form of prostate cancer and needed to start treatment immediately.

Ronnie, being a loyal Trump supporter and misinformed prisoner of the Fox bubble, pulled out his pistol and shot the doctor.

After all, if a doctor tells you something that you don’t want to hear, it’s clearly a plot to destroy America.

Welcome to the Divided States of Trump.

On the other hand, if that same doctor tells you not to worry about your inability to pee, that you are rounding the turn, you will be dead in six months.

For reasons beyond explanation, Trump supporters seem to favor the latter approach.  They’re fine with his crowded, maskless rally message of Vote for me on November 3, then go home and die.

California, one state that will NEVER host a Trump rally is one of the few states keeping the coronavirus in check.  Coinkydink?

Dr. Anthony Fauci is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on infectious diseases.  He is a non-partisan scientist who has worked under administrations of both parties.

Fauci was instrumental in developing treatments for HIV/AIDS and for effective responses to ebola and H1N1 influenza.  The guy knows his stuff.

It’s reasonable and logical to listen to a guy like Fauci instead of taking medical advice from a failed businessman turned reality show host.

A failed businessman turned reality show host who has pushed ineffective, dangerous drugs like hydroxychloroquine, recommended injections of disinfectants, ingestion of bleach and some sort of internal light source.

A failed businessman turned reality show host who claims that we’ve rounded the turn as infections across America are sky rocketing, ICU beds are filling up and ONE THOUSAND AMERICANS ARE DYING EVERY DAY OF COVID-19.

Reason and logic do not seem to be motivating forces for Trumpsters.  If they get cancer, are they going to Trump for treatment?

If they do, they will surely die.

This is what happens when a cult of personality, amplified by a cable network echo chamber is able to blind its followers to truth and enlist them to do its bidding.

Those Trumpster pickup trucks surrounding a Biden campaign bus yesterday in Texas exemplify the control that even an imbecile like Donald Trump Jr can have over cult members.

Why is Dr. Anthony Fauci receiving death threats?  Is he responsible for this pandemic?  Why are they shouting, Fire Fauci?

Do they want the want the lady who talks about women having sex with devils in their dreams to formulate national policy on controlling the spread of an epidemic?

Dr. Fauci’s crime is that he doesn’t agree with Donald Trump.  As we have seen over and over again in the last four years, anyone who disagrees with Donald Trump becomes his enemy and, by extension, an enemy of the people.

HIS people, to be sure, but there are a lot of them.

If Donald Trump wins another four years in the White House, America will cease to exist.

These self-defined patriots will find that they have not been defending America or the Constitution, but a man who cares only about himself and his own undisputed power.

Sources of real news will shrink under continued attacks from the highest levels of government.  The 1st Amendment will be twisted to allow only radical Christianity and no criticism of presidential behavior.

It’s been long said that when anyone loses a right, everyone loses it.  Trumpsters don’t get that, but they better learn how to eat a healthy diet.

In four years they may have no health insurance and doctors who are only allowed to follow protocols prescribed by a failed businessman turned reality show host.

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