Whoever wins, America is lost

Whoever wins, America is lost

It’s Wednesday and we’re still counting ballots from yesterday’s election.  Right now, Joe Biden is leading the electoral college votes, 238 to 213.

He’s also ahead in the popular vote by about 3 million, but we’ve seen that one before.

As expected Donald Trump declared himself the winner and falsely claimed that election results must be known at the end of Election Day.

That has never been the case and it is not the case now. At one point in our history, ballot counting took so long that Inauguration Day was in March.

It’s still amazing that so many people believe whatever the most dishonest man in America says.  They spend half their time saying that he says what he means and the other half saying he didn’t mean what he said.

It’s likely that once all the ballots have all been tallied, Joe Biden will be the winner.  Of course, with a criminally insane tyrant currently in the White House, anything is possible.

If elected, President Biden will be unable to move any sort of agenda forward or have any federal judges confirmed because Moscow Mitch McConnell is still going to be the Senate Majority Leader.

McConnell announced the day President Barack Obama took office that the Senate would block anything President Obama tried to do.  He has recently said the same thing would happen if Donald Trump loses.

How a senator can spend his term NOT doing his job and still get reelected, is a wonder in itself, but that’s Kentucky for you.  Maybe it’s the bourbon talking.

The next four years will be a sad state of affairs as the rest of the world looks down at America as a nation in decay.

This election was not about policy or politics or even America.  It was a referendum on one man and his success at building a presidency based on lies and self-interest.

Nazis and Jews (the former wanting the latter dead) both think that Trump is their best friend.  They can’t both be right and in all probability, they are both wrong.

You can read what I said about Jews HERE and about Nazis HERE.

We live in a world of multiple realities, where everyone gets their own alternative facts, a phrase coined by Trump’s Lady of Lies, Kellyanne Conway.

Everyone having their own version of truth is inherently bad.  Since there is only ONE truth, a lot of folks are going to acting out on the premise of lies.

If we can’t all agree on some level of reality, there is no way to find common ground.  It’s as if we’re beings from different planets.

It’s sunny here in Chicago today, but if it’s cloudy where you live, you may not believe me.  You may think I’m making it up as part of a plot fool people about the weather.

Trumpsters who think that he has done a great job with this pandemic will tell you that your information is bad if you show them actual statistics.

I’ve seen that with my own eyes, which I like to give the benefit of the doubt.

I saw Trump say, with his own mouth that we only had 15 cases of COVID-19 and that would soon go down to near zero, which was an odd mathematical estimate.

Whether he meant one or two is irrelevant.  It was contrary to common sense and completely contradictory to information he had at the time but failed to share with the American public.

Trump campaigned on relitigating the 2016 election, victimizing himself, falsely labeling his opponent as Socialists and stirring up fear, resentment and hatred.

He presented no policies, only empty promises, like the health care plan he’s been working on since 2015.

Tump supporters say that he’s making America great, but they can’t say how.  They say that they’re afraid of affordable housing that already exists.  They’re worried about antifa, socialism and Joe Biden taking away their windows.

When Trumpsters cheer his attempts to interfere in our election, is it because of Fox’s relentless pounding of propaganda and disinformation, disinterest in reality or complete ignorance about the country they pretend to love?

The America I knew is lost.  During the Vietnam era, we argued about what would happen if we let Communism take over Vietnam and whether or not the Vietnamese people wanted us there.

Our facts were the same, but our conclusions were different.  Without a common set of facts, there can only be resentment and distrust.

Hopefully, our new president will spend some time restoring and fortifying the institutions that have kept America intact these past 244 years.

Putting the guard rails back up and acknowledging the power of checks and balances will be a good place to start.

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