Trump's three worst town hall lies

Trump's three worst town hall lies

As it was in 2016, Trump’s campaign has been one of lies, exaggerations and gross distortions.  Last night’s town hall in Miami, Florida was no exception.

Some lies though, are worse than others.

Trump says that we’re rounding the turn.  Unfortunately, what we found around that turn is the next wave of COVID-19.

Without ever having overcome the first wave, this one is coming at us like a hurricane.

More than eight million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19, a million in just the last three weeks.  224,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, 2,600 in the last three days.

65,000 new cases were reported yesterday and hospitalizations are surging, threatening to overwhelm some hospitals.  Positivity rates (percentage of those tested) are soaring, over 20% in Wisconsin.

Trump said that Americans will have the same treatment available to them, for free that he enjoyed.

Experts say that Generon, the drug that Trump is touting as a cure, will NOT be available on a large scale any time soon and that it will come with a steep price tag.

Trump’s lies are killing people, like his friend, Herman Cain.  His lies put his debate coach, Chris Christy into intensive care.

If EVERYONE wore masks, transmission rates, hence infections, hospitalizations and death, would be lower.   Instead, Trump politicized the simplest health precaution, putting everyone around him and all Americans at risk.

It’s true, the stock market is up, benefitting some of America’s most affluent families.  It doesn’t help the EIGHT MILLION Americans who slipped into poverty since May or the 20 million Americans still out of work.

Almost 800,000 Americans filed for first time unemployment benefits last week alone.

America has been hollowed out.  Evictions and foreclosures are increasing after the original moratorium and rental prices are plummeting in many areas across the country.

Trump touts the 11 million jobs he created, but that was just one third of the 30 million people who lost their jobs returning to work.  You can’t call that a V-shaped recovery.

When asked about a horrendous conspiracy theory from QAnon that Trump retweeted, he said that he didn’t know anything about QAnon.  If he’s telling the truth, then he’s an idiot.  Idiot or liar, the two are not mutually exclusive.

It was a retweet, he said. I retweet a lot of stuff.  That, from the President of the United States of America tells you need to know about the depth of Trump’s dishonesty.

For all his professed ignorance (of QAnon), Trump knew that they fought hard against pedophilia, although what they do besides shooting up pizza parlors is unknown.

As Savannah Guthrie pointed out, You’re the president, you’re not like someone’s crazy uncle who can just retweet whatever.

Mary Trump may have something to say about Uncle Don being someone’s crazy uncle.

This small, small man does not understand the significance of the office he holds.  A president’s words matter.  They can incite violence, they can cause death.

Trump continued his baseless claim that thousands of ballots have been found in dumpsters.

A total of 188 ballots have been found discarded and protocols already in place got them to their appropriate destinations, with one postal worker being charged with a crime.

Trump continues to falsely claim that a vaccine is coming soon.  Wishful thinking or not, it’s still a lie.

Trump said 85% of people wearing masks get sick.  The study that he misquoted was not about masks, but it identified restaurants as one of the main locations of transmission.

Masks are only effective as SOURCE CONTROL.  Your mask does not offer much protection if the people around you are not wearing masks.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson is the source of that misinformation.

America can not afford four more years of a president who can’t comprehend the gravitas necessary for the position entrusted to him by the American people.

Thanks to the magic of xfinity, I was able to watch both the Biden and Trump town hall meetings.

One candidate spoke in a calm, confident manner, elaborating on specific policies and earnestly trying to answer each and every question at length.

That candidate remained an hour after the the cameras went dim, answering more questions and offering comfort to a few in need.

The other candidate whined in near hysteria about the persecution he suffers from the media, the IRS and the radical Left.  He attempted to justify his actions (and inaction) over the past four years, painting a picture of an America that exists only in his mind.

That candidate made false claims and false promises, all of which we’ve heard before.

Try to guess which was the candidate in Miami.

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