I liked Brett Kavanaugh better when he was just a beer-guzzling rapist

I liked Brett Kavanaugh better when he was just a beer-guzzling rapist

Brett Kavanaugh was the second Supreme Court justice that Donald Trump was able to appoint, thanks to the treachery, deception, hypocrisy and outright lawlessness of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

My takeaways from Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings include:
1. He likes beer
2. He attempted to rape Christine Blasey Ford
3. He is a cry baby
4. He’s not even qualified for the People’s Court, much less the Supreme Court

Kavanaugh was confirmed by a Republican Senate which is, technically, a jury of his peers.  They were also a jury resigned to do the bidding of Donald Trump and the Federalist Society and determined to put this man on the bench no matter what.

Things that did not make the news during the Kavanaugh hearings include:
1. Three other women came forward with accusations of rape
2. The FBI was never ordered to fully investigate Ford’s charges
3. Mark Judge, Kavanaugh’s friend and accomplice to the assault on Ford was never questioned by the FBI

Supreme Court Justice Beer Boy wrote a bizarre little opinion this week that wouldn’t have passed muster in a 6th grade civics class.

Not a lot of folks read Supreme Court decisions for fun and that’s what makes life great.  That and over proof bourbon.

Justice Antonin Scalia was one of the Court’s brightest minds, but he had a strange sense of what Americans should be allowed to do and what they shouldn’t.  His well-written briefs skewed a bit to the right and often took a hard turn there at summation.

Clarence Thomas is a dullard who sexually harassed Anita Hill and his opinions are droll, pedantic and predictable.  He is the witless puppet of an overbearing, Bible thumping wife.

Sam Alito twists precedent into pretzels to sell with his bucket of fried right wings and assholes.

Kavanaugh however, stands alone with this latest patchwork of misquotes, misinformation. mischaracterizations and outright lies.  He was so much more likeable as a beer-guzzling rapist.

If you want to read Kavanaugh’s opinion, click HERE.  This one’s already been scrubbed to correct the error he made about Vermont’s voting laws.

In a nutshell, Kavanaugh said that Wisconsin should not count any ballots received after midnight of election night, NO MATTER WHEN THEY ARE POSTMARKED.

Chalk one up for Trump and his postal service killing accomplice, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Kavanaugh said that counting ballots received after midnight on November 3, 2020 could lead to chaos and suspicion of impropriety.  Apparently, he’s never been to a Trump rally.

Suffice it to say that no one in the history of America has ever created more chaos and generated more suspicion of impropriety than Donald J. Trump. 

Kavanaugh went on to say that counting ballots received after midnight next Tuesday could flip the results of an election.

Brett, you beer-guzzling, Trump-ass-kissing rapist.  Ballots postmarked before midnight on Tuesday ARE THE ELECTION.

Imagine someone saying that the fourth quarter of a football game should not be played because it could flip the results of the first three quarters.

There are NO results to flip until all the votes have been counted.

This is exactly why Republicans have pushed through over 200 (mostly unqualified) federal judge appointments and Amy Coney Barret.

It is their unabashed intention to use the courts to suppress voter turnout and limit access to voters.

Supreme Court justices should be restricted to voting on issues where their expertise can add to the judicial system, not make a mockery of it.

Wake up Kavanaugh if the brewers of craft beer ever sue Bud Light for lack of taste.

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