Sorry, we're not going to be friends again, no matter who wins this election

Sorry, we're not going to be friends again, no matter who wins this election

I don’t hate you, but how can I like you?  It’s not because we disagree on issues or come down on opposite sides of the political aisle.

It’s because you’ve published your thoughts and they are anathema to me.

The election of 2016 offered a binary choice, but that sharp distinction is one hundred times more stark in 2020.  You either vote for a Nazi or you don’t.

All this hand wringing, rationalizing, spinning and running cover for Trump is bullshit.  He’s not endorsed by every White supremacy organization, neo-Nazis, the KKK and Grand Wizard David Duke because they like his long, red ties.

He speaks their language and gives them voice.  He heaps praise on every White guy with an AR-15, but calls Black professional athletes sons of bitches.  He’s a racist, pure and simple.

Even if he’s just milking rednecks for their votes and ginning up racial tension for his own political agenda, he’s still a racist.

If you toss a Molotov cocktail into an abandoned warehouse – for whatever reason – you’re an arsonist.

When torch-carrying Nazis marched in Charlottesville, VA in 2018, they were met by protesters standing up against Fascism, not unlike American soldiers who fought Fascism across Europe during WWII.

The Nazis chanted familiar refrains of Jews will not replace us and Blood and soil, both slogans of Hitler’s Nazi movement.

Donald Trump said that some of those Nazis were very fine people.  No, Donnie.  Nazis, by definition are NOT very fine people.  They are racist, anti-Semitic pieces of shit.

Adolph Hitler started a car company in 1937, bringing in Ferdinand Porsche to help design the car that would become the Volkswagen.

The company halted production in 1939, but it was a pretty good idea.  Nonetheless, it you told me that you were voting for Adolph Hitler because you liked Volkswagens, I would’ve told you that you were a Nazi.

I’m not trying to superimpose Hitler onto Trump, although the comparison should scare the bejesus out of anyone.  But if you tell me you’re voting for Trump because (fill in the blank), I would still tell you that you are a Nazi.

That’s really all there is to it.  You either vote for the guy who is a Nazi (or Nazi supporter, if you prefer) or you don’t.

You can tell me that Trump is making America great, but you can’t tell me how and all evidence contradicts you.

Either way, you can’t vote for a Nazi and say that you aren’t one.  That is one needle that can’t be threaded.

It’s a crime to hide a murderer in your basement.  It doesn’t matter that you didn’t commit the murder, you could still be charged as an accomplice after the fact.

You knowingly aided and abetted a murderer.  You gave comfort to an enemy.  Frame it any way you want, you’re guilty.

This business about Jesus anointing Trump is a load of crap.  Bible thumpers have distorted the words of Jesus from sublime to ridiculous.

Kenneth Copeland said that Jesus wants him to be the first evangelical billionaire.

Somewhere in your Bible studies you must have read something about feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and healing the sick.  Trump’s rallies entreat the opposite of all that.

Trump preaches fear, anger, resentment, grievance, hatred and violence.  Trump thinks Nazis are very fine people.

If you had your choice, would you rather be a Nazi or a hypocrite? 

If it’s a tough choice, don’t worry.  The two are not mutually exclusive.

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