THIS. THIS. THIS is Trump's America

THIS. THIS. THIS is Trump's America

If you like the chaos, violence, disease and shattered economy that is today’s America, then vote to reelect Donald Trump.  He’s the one who gave you all this.

When Donald Trump took office, violent crimes were at a 15-YEAR LOW and illegal border crossings were at a 50-YEAR LOW.

For the previous eight years, the stock market had been going up, unemployment had been going down.

GOOGLE IT FOR YOURSELF.  Don’t let Shite Hannity or Fucker Carlson do your thinking for you.

Little Lyin’ Donnie inherited a country on the mend, all he had to do was to not fuck it up.

Trump said that if I voted for Hillary Clinton, then I would be stuck with a president who is under constant federal investigation.  He was right about that.

I voted for Hillary Clinton and I’m stuck with a president who is under constant federal investigation.

Now Trump says that if Joe Biden is elected, there will be chaos in the streets.  Well, THERE IS CHAOS IN THE STREETS and the guy in charge is none other than Little Lyin’ Donnie, even if he pretends he’s not.

Trump wants you to believe that a Biden presidency will bring division and chaos, which is what we have right now. Division and chaos that Trump himself, has created.


Trump calls out Democrat governors – I hate when Republicans use “Democrat” as an adjective – for the problems in their states.  From wild fires in California (mostly in NATIONAL forests), to COVID-19 outbreaks to protests for racial justice, Trump takes responsibility for NOTHING.

His typical answer to press queries is, No, I’m not responsible for that.  “That” being anything that makes him look bad.

The only thing Trump ever takes credit for is the stock market, and only on up days.

Even if you get your “news” from Fox or Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh, don’t you think that the President of the United States should be the president of ALL THE STATES?

Isn’t that what you would expect from a Democrat president?

Whatever you see on TV, whatever Shite Hannity tells you or whatever you see outside your window, it is occurring because of four years of THIS president.  Donald J. Trump.

He is responsible for it because he created it.

He created the COVID-19 crisis by ignoring it, lying about it and covering it up.  He pitted states against each other and turned the simplest act of protection (masks) into a political football.

Many people say that he extorted $1 Million from Trojan with the threat that he would do the same for condoms.

He created the crisis of wildfires by withholding funds for fire fighting and destroying efforts to combat global warming.

He stokes the fires of racial hatred by continually supporting White, AR-15 armed racists while attacking Black athletes and Black. unarmed men shot by police.

This is Donald Trump’s America.  This is the carnage he described in his inauguration address on January 20, 2017 in front of a small crowd.

Trump predicted carnage and then he created it.  After global warming and Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the very existence of America since King George III.

Americans have a chance to save their country come November 3.  Trump’s gotta go.

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