Joe Biden may just be a tuna melt, but the alternative is rat poison

Joe Biden may just be a tuna melt, but the alternative is rat poison

I get it, Joe Biden is white bread.  Plain vanilla ice cream.  A tuna melt in a world of much sexier entrees, but ask yourself, What’s wrong with tuna melt?

My wife serves a terrific tuna melt and it makes for a great lunch.  Maybe even a dinner or two.

A tuna melt can be a very satisfying and nutritious meal, but there is one thing about it that beats the hell of the alternative:  It won’t kill you.

Joe Biden’s a good guy and a decent guy.  He’s demonstrated his ability to feel the pain of others, possibly because of the pain he’s experienced in his own life.

Biden wants to protect your health care, the Social Security for which you paid and the planet on which your grandchildren will hopefully thrive.  If all that isn’t enough, he’s not even a socialist.

The rat poison mentioned in the title is Donald Trump.  During the 2016 campaign, Trump often asked African-Americans, What do you have to lose?

The answer is, Our very lives.

Racist attitudes engendered by Trump have led to some of the most egregious and criminal deaths of unarmed Black Americans since lynching was outlawed.

That doesn’t let the rest of our White, privileged asses off the hook, though.  COVID-19 doesn’t seem to respect our privilege.

We lost a friend named Rod to it and he was one of the whitest, Bible thumping Trumpsters you’d ever want to meet.

We still liked him, though.

Rod got COVID in early March, about the same time I did, but diabetes may have been the underlying condition that made him so much more vulnerable.

We got sick about a month AFTER Donald Trump told Bob Woodward that this new coronavirus was airborne and five times more deadly than influenza.

It was six weeks AFTER the World Health Organization proclaimed it to be a world health emergency.

Rod and I were both going about our lives without realizing that we were putting ourselves in danger.

Wouldn’t it have been great if we had a president who, armed with the knowledge of the threat of this pandemic would have used his position to enlighten us, to allow us to take precautions necessary to keep ourselves safe?

Trump told a voter on ABC’s town hall that he didn’t downplay the virus, he “up-played” it.  Did he make up that word or did he make it down?

Either way, he’s lying.

We’ll be speculating for years about how many American lives could have been saved if Trump had compassion for his fellow Americans instead of an obsession with reelection and ultimately, dictatorship.

Most estimates say at least 100,000 Americans died needlessly, but Trump has other ways to kill you, too.

If his justice department wins their case to get rid of Obamacare, you might lose your health insurance.  Or you might become uninsured for ongoing treatment of cancer, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, brain injury, Alzheimer’s or a relapse of COVID-19.

And no, he does NOT have a plan to replace Obamacare with something beautiful or strong.

I can only wonder what Rod would have for lunch now.  Would he order the tuna melt or would he still vote for rat poison?

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