American Jews don't have to atone for where they live

American Jews don't have to atone for where they live

Note to God: Please forgive me for doing this work today.  If you’re really up there, I know you’ll understand.

Today is the tenth day of the Jewish year 5781, the end of a period of intense guilt known as the Ten Days of Repentance.

Who else but Jews could dedicate ten consecutive days to guilt?

Sure, Catholics got their shame, but they can whack three guys before lunch on Friday as long as they toss a C-note into the collection plate on Sunday.

Guilt can be a powerful thing.  Some 9 million Jews were forced to evaluate their lives when almost half of their number was erased by Hitler.

“Why me?” can also plague warriors returning from combat, questioning why they lived while others died.

For some Jews, just living in America carries its own kind of guilt.

Today is also Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when we ask forgiveness from God and our fellow man.  It’s one of two holidays where we say, Next year in Jerusalem.

The other holiday is Passover.

Jerusalem is a special place for Jews, just as it is for Christians and Muslims.  Ironic, huh?

By not being in Jerusalem (Israel), we feel a certain betrayal, both to our homeland and to those who have gone before us.

Israel though, can take care of herself.  As Americans, our first loyalties should be to this country, to our children and to their children.

This cultist support for man you THINK is Israel’s friend is just plain meshugah.  Donald Trump doesn’t care about Israel because Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

He and Netanyahu are two beleaguered leaders who will do anything to help each other fend off legal and political attacks.

If you think that Trump moved our embassy to Jerusalem for Israel, then you are a schlemielHe did it for the evangelicals because it’s a part of their Revelations, end-of-days scenario.

That’s where Jesus returns and all the Jews die.

That’s why Trump sent Robert Jeffress, high priest of evangelism to consecrate the embassy.

It was a transparent move that cost us nothing, but garnered support for Trump among both Jews and evangelicals.

As for his so-called “peace accords,” they’re nothing more than trade agreements, signed with Sunni regimes that pose no threat to Israel.

Both Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have shared military intelligence with Israel for years and conducted surreptitious trade, as well.

Israel’s real enemy is the Shia rulers of Iran and their proxy armies like Hezbollah, who are now stronger than ever. 

Trump has raised the existential threat to Israel exponentially.

Abandoning Syria has given Iran a land bridge to move it’s strike abilities 600 miles west, right to Israel’s West Bank.  If that doesn’t keep Bibi up at night, it should.

When Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, two bad things happened.

  1. He gave Iran carte blanche to restart its nuclear program.  Without the U.S. in the deal, real enforcement weakened dramatically.
  2. We lost our window into a pretty opaque regime, making intelligence gathering that much more difficult.

The past four years have proven that Trump is NOBODY’S friend.  He is willing to throw ANYONE under the bus and he will do it to Israel when the time comes.

Trump has repeatedly shown that he can not put America’s interests ahead of his own.  How can anyone think that he can be relied upon to protect Israel’s interests?

Only Vladimir Putin can have that level of assurance.

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