"What could he have done any different?" they ask

"What could he have done any different?" they ask

If you haven’t seen Quora, it’s a place where people can ask questions and share ideas.  It’s also a place where trolls can hype the latest in conspiracy theories, while others ask complex questions to which only they know the answers.

Some people work to display unfathomable detachment from reality and gullibility beyond comprehension.

Quora is the place to send anyone who tells you that there is no such thing as stupid questions.

It may be just be the thing for quarantedium (made-up word).  It’s something to do after you’ve seen everything on Netflix.

Note of caution: Anonymous people say a lot of crazy shit on the internet, so you may not want to put yourself out there if you’re easily offended.

The subject of how Donald Trump handled the COVID-19 pandemic is, as you would expect beaten around like a dead horse.

I wrote my own piece entitled Covid-19 will probably kill someone you know because Little Donnie is more concerned about his “numbers” than he is about YOU: Part II 

If you’re on the fence about Trump’s handling of this pandemic, consider this:

1. The combined populations of Germany, Japan, South Korea and Canada are about the same as the population of the United States. Those four countries have a COMBINED death toll from COVID-19 of 17,000.

Our death toll is over 113,000, with about 500 new deaths each day.

2. South Korea and America both experienced their first COVID-19 deaths on February 20,2020.

Since then, South Korea has suffered 272 COVID-19 deaths.  We’re over 113,000 and counting.

3. Trump is bragging that we’re doing almost 3 million COVID-19 tests a week.  The best of the medical world (people who won’t tell you to drink bleach) says that we need to be doing 2-3 million tests PER DAY.

One Quora guy, Siegfried Braun wanted to know if I could have done any better than Trump.  That seemed like a trick question, since almost ANYONE could have done better.

It only required someone to do something, instead of no one doing anything.  It only required a leader who could recognize his or her own shortcomings and seek advice from those who know more.

It’s just common sense.

You work to protect America and make changes as information becomes available.  You don’t create a false narrative to make yourself look better and you don’t disseminate false information and dangerous prescriptions for cleaning products and unproven remedies.

I’d like to think that I would’ve admitted the pandemic threat when WHO announced a world health emergency on January 30, 2020.

I wouldn’t have spent the next six weeks denying, covering up and lying about the threat of a looming pandemic.  That cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

I would have enacted a national policy of wearing masks and social distancing IMMEDIATELY.   This would have prevented the rampant, undetected spread of coronavirus across America and eliminate the need for a complete shut down, thereby causing less impact on the economy.

As an example, as a leader, I would wear my mask in all public appearances.

I would have prioritized testing and the distribution of testing materials and tests across the country.

I would have organized, at a national level the production and distribution of protective gear for health care workers instead of making states bid against each other for scarce resources.

I’m no genius, but doing all that might have prevented the rapid rise of hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

Respirators should have been distributed on a national level and immediately put into production under the National Production Defense Act.

All that would have been a start, but well within the capacity of any competent leader.  Sadly, this nation is without competent leadership.

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